100 Day Drawing Challenge
I am alive! Has been a very demanding past few weeks with work and social activities though I have been trying to find some time to draw and even given myself a crazy challenge of 100 days of drawing. For this challenge I have decided to do some research for a bigger project I have been planning and study marine life!

One of my favourite subjects! I am not-so-secretly obsessed with marine documentaries (and documentaries in general) and marine life, particularly sharks, whales and seals. Above is the fourth day drawing of an infant elephant seal. Following a Drink and Draw attendee's suggestion, I decided to leave the two pages blank in the sketchbook to really emphasize how great the mammal's expression is =D

As today is the 1st of May, majority of my future posts, including the rest of my 100 day challenge sketches will be pledge-only posts.

What's your favourite aquatic creature??