100 Day Project - Video_001
Hey everyone! Been a minute...

Just wanted to share that I've committed to posting a new video every day for the next 100 days as part of the 100 Day Project. The videos I post will be an assortment of standalone pieces, animations, new edits of old footage I haven't done anything with, experimental concepts, and generally anything I feel like doing for that day. They will likely be pretty short and not too crazy.

I'm hoping to use this opportunity to try out  new ideas, learn new techniques, collaborate with other artists, and generally challenge myself with a crazy goal. 

I'll be posting the better ones on here and all of them on my Instagram (@duel_citizen). 

See you on the other siiiide! 


PS: I will NOT be charging for these videos, by the by...however I may release a longer one or two while this is happening, some of which may include pieces that were previously released through this project.