The $100 goal is coming up.
Welcome to all of the new Patrons!
Patreon suddenly changed a lot over night and it got me a little confused. But I am back :D Still finding out about the new stuff on here.

We are so close to reach the $100 new goal. A goal with a reward connected to it. The 100 Post-it challenge. Which I promised to explain once we are closer to the goal. 

And that time is now! 

When the goal is reached, I will every day draw on a post-it for 100 days.
(Or the same size if I don't have the post-its around)
It will be a small sketch or a very elaborated picture, it depends on the day.
I will share them here and on Insta-stories. (it is possible that if it gets to much spam on this platform I will post 7 once a week)

What will I draw?
Full of Freckles off course. But I will do this with this list in attachment. It is a year list and i promise I will only skip the very absurd or hard ones :D
But! My Patrons get 1 joker. And you can tell me what number or word I certainly can't skip ;-)

So excited to reach that goal! :D