$100 Goal Met! Ads on SirTapTap.com reduced!
Sorry for the double update, but a major goal was just met! Thanks to your generosity I can now reduce ads on SirTapTap.com, improving load times and reducing hassle!

I've already updated both my adsense settings and my site so only three ads are in rotation at most. 

As a note, sirtaptap.com already employs pretty minimal ads, not showing them on anything but "guide" posts by default and not in any index/404 page/etc. I try to only keep the ads on pages that take the most effort to create, provide the most value, and get the most traffic; 99/100 that's my guides.

What's Next?

 The next goal is to reduce us to 2 ads at $200 a month!  

Beyond that I'll have to run some more up to date calculations; ads suck but they do currently contribute a fairly significant amount of my "side job" income. It's likely I'll have to keep at least one ad unit on the site until my expenses are totally paid through other means (currently, I make more from ads than Patreon--with your support that gap is shrinking though!)

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