Last night, something great happened, I hit the $100 dollar goal!! Thank you every single one of you for helping me out so much!! And you know what the $100 goal means; TWO PAGES A WEEK!! I need a little time to prepare for the workload ahead, but I'm SO excited to start this! You can expect two-pages-per-update to start in 2-4 weeks, depending on how my schedule is (I might have to take a trip soon, not sure on the details yet). Now, what does the change mean for you patrons and your pledges? It only means another page per week, while still being charged the same amount you've always been. You will only be charged for ONE page, the second page will be ENTIRELY FREE, like a bonus page! Hooray!!! So don't worry, there is NO extra money out of your pocket. I will upload both of the pages on Friday. Once again, thank you SO MUCH everyone for your support, you're all wonderful and deserve to be praised constantly for supporting me and the comic, allowing it to continue as it has.
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