100 Grams of Protein Test
I conduct experiments to learn about my body and the optimum way to eat, play and live!!! ... for me. 

I share this information in posts to help others do the same.

Below is my early evening blood sugar reading before consuming 100 g of protein. 

Why consume 100 grams of protein?  

For SCIENCE! ... to gain knowledge. 

For some protein *can* raise blood sugar. 

Full Carnivore

In February (over five months ago) I began an all-animal based diet, eating foods only derived from animals. Mostly meats, eggs, water and coffee.  

Meat = beef, pork, poultry and fish. 

The first two months my fasting blood sugars rose to an average of 88 mg/dl (4.9 mmol/l).  Months 3 and 4 were much better, an average of 81 mg/dl (4.5 mmol/l). 

Note: Many things can influence blood sugar. Obviously carbohydrates but also protein, stress, lack of sleep, inflammation, sickness, drug interactions, etc.  

However, the 7 point drop in my average fasting blood sugar does seem to indicate that my body adapted to the increased protein consumption. 

As an initial test, to see if my body has adapted to higher protein consumption I decided to consume a protein that usually spikes my blood sugar... Whey Protein Isolate, from Now Foods. 

Whey Protein Isolate 

I promote a 'low carb paleo'  meal plan, in a nutshell it's all about low-carb, real foods. 

I don't normally consume protein powders, but in order to test my protein adaptation with my Full-Carnivore experiment, I bought Whey Protein Isolate. 

The few times that I have tested Whey Protein Isolate's affect on my blood sugar in the distant past, it usually spikes my blood sugar into the 120's and even 130's.  So not only is it a heavily processed food but it also spikes my blood sugar. Two strikes against it, and why I rarely use it. 

Note: In the past I would always take a single serving, depending on the brands, usually in the 20-25 grams of protein range. Also I would purchase low-carb proteins, with 1-5 grams of protein per serving usually. 

The protein whey isolate I'm using now has (per 28 gram serving):

.5 fat grams
< 1 gram of carbohydrate
25 grams of protein

** I am not promoting the use of protein powders, I am doing this for science! :) 

100 Grams of Protein Test

Having laid the ground work ... let's  get the party started! 

6:04 PM, tested my blood sugar and had the 78 mg/dl you see above.  (4.3 mmol/l)

I prepared my 100 gram drink (4 servings) and gulped it down. 

For the next two hours I worked around the house (worked on the car) and took Arya for a dog walk in the yard.

The pictures below were my blood sugar readings. 

6:04 -- 78
6:28 -- 87
6:50 -- 99
7:27 -- 111
7:56 -- 101
8:11 -- 97

Once I go below 100, with an obvious downward trend line, I usually discontinue the experiment.

Oh, and here is my overnight fasting blood sugar. :) 



  • In one drink, I consumed more protein than many (most?) people eat in an entire day...
  • I've had even higher spikes in the past, from a single dose of Whey Protein Isolate.

Overall I was encouraged. It was still a 30 point spike BUT I was only over 100 for about an hour.  I was HAPPY to see that. 

 I would have preferred to stay below 100 ... but the data is what it is. :) 

Next up... tomorrow, I hope to take a single dose serving of protein and perform the same blood sugar tests.

I live to experiment another day! 

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Peace, love and normal blood sugars.