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100: An Unintended Live Show
Hello! Sorry about the double-post. I was trying to make the post look nicer, but it seems that's not an option. You won't be charged twice! Anyway, this is what I posted first time around: It was never meant to be like this: we were going to have a meet-up with some hot hot Patrons (you) and associated freeloaders (scum), then retire to a room after closing time to have a nice private podcast in a shut pub. Instead, we got so excited that we ended up pulling a spontaneous live show out of the hat/bag. So here is Episode 100, in all its hastily rewired and hard-to-fathom majesty - LIVE from the Darts Room of The King Billy pub on Manvers Street, Nottingham! Matt pores over our early Google Hangouts from 2011, Steve relives a feature that was lost, back in the day when we regularly deleted podcasts, Gav finds out how much we've learned about each other on our long and gruelling journey to 100, and Log reads through the titles of all 100 Police Academy movies. Here is the RF blog post: And here is the SoundCloud link:
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