"Henpecked" - Original for sale: 16x16cm mixed paint/pen on card. £17 including P+P to Patreon supporters. 

Hello friends! :)

Hope your Monday has gone well and your week has got off to a good start! :) 

I've been feeling very tired and groggy today... don't know if I'm fighting off some bug or wether just an awesome weekend visiting friends has caught up with me. Either way I'm sure I'll be fine tomorrow but it meant today I wasn't up to much cop! Should have been working on my accounts/tax return, and drawing out some pages of Silicon Heart Vol3, but decided instead to take a duvet day and do some fun art.

 -Ended up experimenting with some (Molotow) pens Jason got me for Christmas, and some aqua Markers I've had for a while but never tried using mixed with Paint pens before. - To my delight they worked beautifully together, meaning I could use the aqua markers to blend the paint pens into a transparent colour, allowing some of the brown from the board to show through. (It's been a problem I've had with the paint pens that sometimes they're just too opaque.. I love working on brown board but it gets lost under all that beautiful, thick colour!) Now it seems I have a work-around! Hurray! ^__^ 

So yeah, have a disgruntled Rhino loosing his patience with his parasite-control! ;)

Thank you so much to my beautiful Patreon Supporters, for enabling me to take time off to make works like this! ^__^ - You guys really are the greatest XD 

Have a great week! 



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