101 Rejections
For me, one of the most challenging aspects of being an fine art painter is learning to deal with rejection and failure. At the most, I have a 50% success rate in creating a painting I feel comfortable selling.

Then there are the art associations and juried shows and competitions. Awards, accolades, and publications, give my patrons and collectors the reassurance that my paintings are valuable, considered “good” in the art market and will (at the very least) hold their value. The more people value my work, the more it will be seen, and demand will grow. So, if I want to find financial success, there is necessary for me to compete. 

Many of these competitions and juried shows take place in areas that have a healthy art market, bonus there. Much like being an author having to submit to many different publishers before getting noticed, I have to submit my paintings to competitions, and juried events with the hope that somewhere down the line I will get the eyes of the right people. It can seriously be who you know.

I know of no artist (even the superstars) who has not had a painting turned down.  And yet, it is often a tough blow. Submitting paintings to these events can really add up financially, making the the leap of faith even harder to make.

One of the wonderful things that Patreon.com has done for me, is give me funding through my patrons, to be able to take that leap. 

But still, you know, rejection….THEY DON’T LIKE MY PAINTING!!! It’s very personal!!

So, I have thought and thought and thought. And finally made a goal, a goal I will share with my audience so that you may hold me accountable.

I must acquire 101 rejections. Each rejection will be a success, because it means that I put myself out there to make myself known. It means I was confident enough to try. It means I had the money to try. It means I am still in the game.

I’m not giving myself a time limit, but I think I need to give a try at least once per quarter if funds are available. What do you think? So far this year I’ve had two rejections. I recently put in another application of two other paintings, and am signed up for three different plein air painting events, one of which was juried!!! So I actually have one acceptance. How cool is that?

This photo was taken by my painting buddy, Susan Kuznitsky, while we were painting in the Portland Test Rose Garden. She is also on Patreon so look her up and give her a thumbs up!

Thank you for making this possible!!