P.E. Fudderman - An up close view of a wishpoosh hair plate. At first, it looks like a fuzzy pine cone or a bit of bark with hair caught on it. A clue easily overlooked by the non-discerning tracker. The only way an astute tracker will recognize a discarded plate from the usual woodland/marsh flotsam is the horrid smell which supersedes anything else in the area in which it was discarded. The best description of it is an odor of rotten eggs married with an entire football teams' game socks prior to wash. It makes your eyes water staying too long in the wishpoosh's shedding zone and the odor is so intense, it lingered in our noses hours after we left. The plate we collected came from Poochie. As our field study illustrated, Poochie went to shed his plates more often than Wilma, his mother. Every time, he returned to the same site to brush on the trees and roll in the dirt and mud. An initial field study of the elements which are contained in Poochie's lost plate: samples of wood, muck and vegetation, we are given insight to where he travels during the day. The plate will also serve as a genetic fingerprint so that we may follow him as he grows and migrates. It was also observed that the plate was not flat. It is ridged, barbed and knotted as a result of the intensive scratching along trees, rocks and rolling on the ground. From a distance, the swirls of cemented hair and refuse could be misconstrued to be a language. Perhaps this appearance gave rise to some of the beliefs that it was an unearthly monster constructed from a magic spell or incantation.
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