By the way, I mention this all the time at my in-person vending events, but I don’t think I say it enough to the online crew: I offer free repairs (within reason) on all of my artwork (including patron rewards!), no matter how it got damaged. So if some toddler decided to play Tarzan on your fox tail, or your dog chewed up the straps on your headdress, just send them back to me! All you have to do is pay for shipping both ways. This ALSO goes for reshaping ears, masks and headdresses! Because I don’t use petroleum plastic-based materials like ear liners in these pieces, occasionally they may lose their shape a bit after being worn a while, or if you get caught in a downpour. But just like getting good-quality hats reblocked, having your ears/masks/headdresses reshaped is a normal service—and again, I offer it for free! And I do reasonably priced repairs on works made by other people, too. This includes all sorts of art made from leather, fur, bone and other natural materials. So feel free to contact me with your repair needs :)
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