"Oh My Word": The cartoon that asks the question, "Post-Obama or Post-Racial?" Coming soon!
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I am also the creator of "Our Follies", a comic panel appearing in the Gary, Indiana weekly paper "The 411".  It pokes gentle fun at African American attitudes and culture through the eyes of the blue-collar Cartwright family and their friends.  For supporting my animated cartoons, you will receive via email copies of the latest "Our Follies" comics as soon as I make them each week, so you, too, can laugh.  And you don't have to be black yourself to enjoy this comic--if you can watch Kerry Washington on "Scandal", you can read "Our Follies".
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I have a comic panel called "Shayna's Success Stories", the saga of Shayna Watson, owner of the scent shop "Scentsibility", and her struggles and triumphs in being a small businesswoman.  The colorful people around her either help or hinder her progress--sometimes both.  For $5 in support of my animation, I'll email you the latest "Shayna" after it appears in the Other Creations newsletter every 1st and 15th of the month.
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I'm an international 'toon star as well.  "Afganistoons" is the gag panel I do in collaboration with Edward Zellem, Naval officer and Afghanistan War veteran who collected Afghan Proverbs, put them in book form and sells them worldwide to promote English literacy in Afghanistan.  For giving $10 I will send you the latest weekly "Afghanistoon" in either Dari or Pashto with English translation--and a cute little Americanized cartoon illustrating the meaning of the proverb.
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