I tried to make this post earlier, and Patreon messed up and ate it. So let's try again! This is about how my Patreon is working, so PLEASE READ IT! First, I'm removing the PDFs from the $1 tier. They take so much effort and time, far more than I thought, because they aren't just a little post on tumblr or LJ that is casual and sloppy and I can edit as needed. So the effort that goes into those is just a little bit high for $1. That tier will still get early chapters though! I know this is hardly noticeable since I've only done one PDF, but there will be more in the future when I'm not writing about 17 stories at once and trying to submit some of them for publication. Secondly, I am going to have to change how I upload chapters here. Because some people's donations are not going through, and I absolutely cannot send more than one or two messages to people about that before I start to sound demanding and horrible. If you've never gotten a message from me about your payment being declined through the site, or if you have and then redid it and it DID go through, then you're fine! But there are some people who are essentially not donating because their payments are not going through and they are not responding to my messages. I was going on the honor system here and uploading things beforehand, which Patreon actually even says 'hey maybe wait until payments go through before you give people stuff', but since my stuff is not physical I wasn't that worried. But it seems very unfair that some people are getting extra content (some of which takes a lot of time and effort for me to do) and essentially not donating, while others are. I can't force people to donate or fix their payment methods, so the only thing I can do is wait until the end of the month, until all payments have gone through, and then send people the extra content individually through e-mail/messages on the site. Which will be very annoying for everyone involved, and I wish people hadn't taken advantage of my disinclination to ask people for money in the first place. This all means that I can only update once a month, even if it's two different stories. Because I have to wait for the payments to go through. This is just not a good system, and all because of one or two people who just aren't contacting me and aren't updating their payment info. It's very frustrating for me, and I'm sure it's frustrating for people who have never had an issue (or did, but fixed it when I contacted them). Patreon gives me all your e-mails and so I could also make a mailing list that goes to everyone, but I'd STILL have to wait to the very end of the month. All around, this is a very unfortunate situation and I'm still trying to puzzle it out and exactly how I can make it not a complicated mess. Of course figuring this out is taking time away from writing, which means less of a chance of an update. I'm really sorry that I've never been able to deliver here as promised, and I know it sounds like one excuse after another, but I am trying my best. I really am.
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