So I had the odd urge to draw my persona character I use for my signature and thank you things. I started drawing her then I checked DA and found I had 9,990 views. So it was perfect timing to make this! As I was drawing, I kept refreshing the page to try to keep track.

 I hit 10K at 11:30 last night! 

I'm pretty excited since I never thought I'd reach that high. I want to thank all of my awesome followers who are probably the main reason my views got that high. You guys are my driving force! While I didn't make a speedpaint of this, I will definitely upload the process on here for ya'll!

For anyone that wants more out of my art, be sure to hit me up on Patreon! I have a lot of cool stuff this month including exclusive pieces found only there and a tutorial! You can find all that only here!