10th Anniversary of Parma Eldaliéva

Today marks ten years since I started the Parma Eldaliéva project. 

In these years there were many things that happened with it - expected and unexpected, planned and unplanned. Still at the end of the day a little seed planted ten years ago is now a healthy sapling, with leaves and budding flowers bringing joy to others. Maybe even healthier than I have ever anticipated, for it has already been through a lot in its life, and has become stronger and fairer for it. 

Two Parma Eldaliéva art books are now completed in both original and print - a core project volume and a compilation with works for the next ones; the rest of the volumes well on their way. Also completed, in both original and print versions, are all the major project maps and many additional works. 

I am grateful for and I enjoy the skill and knowledge that working on Parma Eldaliéva has brought to me. There has been a lot of hard work (well over 10 000 work hours), expected and unexpected experiences of many sorts that brought many lessons, new good ideas and the maturing of good old ideas, life-time which I refused to invest in alternative career possibilities, changes in my health, environment-related rethinking and readjustments of schedule, workflow, and mindset… Even as some of these might have been distressing for me at the time they happened, now I am glad and do not regret that they did. I have always tried to keep my vision for Parma Eldaliéva as clear as possible, and now I am glad to know better how, and what, will be good for the achievement of the remaining project works. 

It is my pleasure today to share with you the Anniversary pamphlet. I gave it for print together with some other celebratory items in the past five days. Yesterday I returned to Ireland, but one of my supporters, an old friend of mine, is going to pick those in my name tomorrow and send them to me - they would reach me next week. I will, of course, prepare a set for each of you.

Thank you for sharing with me the Parma Eldaliéva journey, which is now a decade old! 

I hope my art will always bring you joy! 


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