10th Anniversary Bonus Strip 2!
Monday was action. Tuesday was humor. Today is the drama. I didn't realize it until now, but each of the updates for this week's 10th Anniversary Celebration represents of the three keys SuperFogeys typically plays in. That's probably why today's strip felt so right. 

So, in case you haven't noticed, today's strip marks my return to the drawing table. I've heard from some people that they didn't even notice when Marc took over because our drawing styles were so similar (helped, no doubt, by the fact that Marc was consciously trying to ape my style back in the early days), but I don't think anyone would say that now. Marc has carved his own space in world of SF, and any return I make can't help but feel retro by comparison. 

My approach with this strip was simple: say something about the past ten years. Easy to say, hard to script. When I landed on using Spy Gal and Cap, it feel into place pretty quickly. The main SF story moves at such a breakneck pace these days that there often isn't time for scenes like this, with two characters just talking about how they feel. I realized I'd missed an opportunity back in Chapter 20. Cap had recently returned and gotten a new outfit, and he and Spy Gal--with whom he shares a deep bond--never really got a chance to talk. I needed to remedy that. Consider this a deleted scene that follows directly after the deleted scene I shared with you yesterday. Future compilations and printings will most likely include it.

So, yeah, this strip is about a lot more than whatever drama was going on back in Chapter 20. It's two old friends talking and reflecting, but it's also, in a very real way, me speaking directly to you about what the past ten years of SF have been all about and what the point is. It's not the final point, but I think what Cap says at the end there is an important one. Taken as a whole, this is probably one of my favorite pieces of writing I've ever done. I hesitated to even say that because I hope you'll all experience it on your own terms, with your own thoughts.

Anyway, here's to ten years of SF. A silly little comic about retired superheroes that, for me (and perhaps for you), means so much more than that. 


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For those who are interested, I have a personal blog I occasionally update. This week, I posted "The Not-So-Secret Shame of My Very Bald Head," in which I admit to joining the ranks of the hairless ones and do not shy away from how upsetting that is. Guys don't usually talk about this, but I went there.

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