Fund drive update: we've reached our next tier of bonus material! $11,000 for us means three new poems for you:

"Nettle-stung" by Shweta Narayan (includes the art used on this post):

They tell the story wrong. We were meant to be swans

spiders, peacocks, vixens, snakes. We shifted

one to the other to the other, weavers

of silk and story slipping free of every loom, fluid

under Soma's tidal gaze.

"B'resheet" by Julia Burns Liberman:

This is how it was for Lilith, first-born

human daughter of the Lord, first wife

to a man whose name was mud:

And "Three Principles of Strong Building" by Rose Lemberg:

The earth is mother, birthing stone from seed,

the earth is father, birthing seed from stone,

the earth is parent to the seed,

this moonstone shining with a latent gleam

invisible but to a mighty eye

that reads within each seed its ancestry

back to the dawn of time, before the first seed fell

into the endless void, creating land.

Plus that podcast I mentioned, which also includes the earlier fund drive poems by Jane Yolen, Carlos Hernandez and Sasha Kim. Enjoy!

-- Niall