11 Books To Send With Your Kid On ‘Bring Your Bible To School Day’

You know I have a problem clicking through on links to apologist propaganda. You also know I especially have this problem when the headline is too much to wrap my mind around. Well, I did it again, heathens. I recently I saw a headline about “Bring Your Bible to School Day” and right after I kissed my Canadian passport and thanked the Gods of poutine for having grown up in a place in which I know this joyous day of Jeeby does not apply, I went ahead and barfed a little.

Carl “The Dingleberry” Moeller is trying to get you to stuff a 2000 year old book of fables in your kid’s Minions backpack on October 8th. Why? Why does he want your children reading stories of torture, maiming, slavery, death, destruction, child abuse and eternal hellfire alone with their friends at school?

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