Hey guys, the past 6 months for me have been kind of hectic in terms of what's been going on IRL. Needless to say i've had a lot on my mind and finishing projects was not one of them, for that I apologise. My Patreon was supposed to be a very active site and it has not been. This is all my fault and I really cannot say sorry enough. Since coming back to England i've had the time I finally needed to get back working on projects, my Patreon is priority number one. Originally I planned for anyone that pledged $20 to receive a wooden penis bottle opener, signed by me. $10 would get you a personal thank you note with a special treat and $5 would be a thank you email. My plan for the $20 gift has failed and is no longer an option, I really am stumped as to what I can provide for you guys, if you have any suggestions feel free to go ahead! I was hoping to release the video today but I got the email from the carving company and they said they can't do the order so my plan is screwed. Until I can find a reward for the $20 pledge that is satisfactory then I will not make the Patreon YT public. Thank you.