Release v0.74 - Pinkie Update
Pinkie is ready for public play! Rig drawn by bbsartboutique   <3

Play the game here!  (instructions and troubleshooting at the bottom of this post)

Downloadable version attached to this post

FYI I'm going to be at Everfree Northwest for the next few days. If something is horribly broken, I'm sorry! I'll fix it as soon as I get back! xD

Aside from a highly-inflatable Pinkie, this update builds on the last version by adding progression and upgrades. Use the fluid and energy points you collect from your missions to unlock higher-value missions and upgrade your characters. Or just use the cheat button to unlock it all instantly.

This version also adds visual effects, colorful dicks, bigger and jigglier bellies, and probably a lot more stuff I'm forgetting. Gameplay-wise it's fairly similar to the Fluttershy update.

Changes (this is the same as the last RC update):

  • Pinkie rig and background drawn by BB 
  • Character stats and upgrades
  • A shop to unlock missions
  • Cheats to bypass all that
  • A mission screen to display stats about the npcs
  • Color-coded dicks
  • Bugs removed 
  • Minor particle effects and screen shake
  • "Full" belly rumble animations
  • Bugs added back in

How to play:

Click buttons. 

Select a character and a mission to start. The "+" symbol upgrades character stats, the "Shoppe" lets you unlock missions and buy Charm. 

Once you've started. Use the P, A, and M buttons on the right to make the game go. Unlock skills on the left after every orgasm. Control the npcs' speed and orgasms, or set everything on "auto" and just watch.

Rinse and repeat. Or don't rinse >.>


Expect some bugs! If you'd like to help squish them, let me know when you run into one. If it doesn't work at all, try enabling hardware acceleration in your Flash settings by right-clicking the game. Make sure your Flash is updated too. Also try switching browsers.

Check out the downloadable version too!

This is the first and last game that'll be made in Flash xD

What's next?

The next LC character! I don't know which it is yet. We'll see!

Secret Horse Files 3! It's the little HTML5 game I'm working on. I want to build it into a more fully-featured game, bit by bit. Right now it's Patrons-only, but it'll go public as it gets more into shape. 

I owe everything to the community for supporting my work. Shout out to Skellitor301, Shane Hunter, Jet Grey, revenwolf, dazedpilot, Stewart Simpson, Nicholas Robertson, SWF, Webbie, Tony the Brony, Foy Wilderman, Ventress, Pumpkin Lily, Nox Tenebris, Stormyheart, DigitalDomain123, Electric Spark, RarityisBP, lovely_applejack, and all my other patrons. Thank you <3