Icon Set #4: Game States, Poker Hands, Game Box Info, and more
Hello Patrons! Attached is a new bundle of 35 icons, loosely categorized into a few different groups: *Game States*: Highest, lowest, longest, shortest, most, fewest. These will be handy for expressing basic win conditions in your language-neutral games. *Poker Hands*: I tried to break down poker hands into their constituent parts, so these include sets of varying sizes, each shown as identical, different, or as a straight sequence. I avoided poker suits in these icons so you can use them as generic placeholders for all sorts of set collection games. *Game Box Info*: These are some of the basic player icons I use on my game covers, including player count, age, and time. *Social Icons*: I also included some icons for social games like Apples to Apples or Mafia. Usually this involves a player or players voting from amongst a set of options, or voting for one player in particular. Again, these are kept very straightforward so they can fit in any setting. *Euro Resource Doodles*: These are just a fun set of classic euro resources I hand-drew for a prototype. I'm not illustrator, but I thought it would be nice to include something unusual amidst the stark geometric icons you usually get. Thanks again for supporting this project! I hope to get on a more regular schedule in 2015. Until then, please tell your friends and have fun with these icons! As always, you can find the full archive on the dropbox here. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rd046kk42ma3fih/AAA9bl4acaMxU4zw9ecyxwUfa?dl=0