Episode 8 - Modern Dating
Andrea Hill is a rebel in today's dating industry. She has created programs, services and espouses advice and guidance to help people consciously date better. Whether that be through her coaching business, Date by Design or through her heart conscious dating service, The Dinner Party, she strives daily to be a positive change maker in people's romantic lives and in the industry she is so passionate about, dating - otherwise known as authentic loving human connection.

Andrea and I had lots of fun discussing the struggles and insights of modern dating and her unique approach to solving the problems we encounter in the age of online dating!

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Info on the course talked about in the show:


Consciously create the love you want in your life.

The Create Your Love Story series of programs were developed to provide you with the thoughtful steps and integrative know-how to create the kind of love life you desire and deserve.


12 weeks to powerfully release old limiting beliefs and stories that have been keeping you stuck and unfulfilled, and skillfully rewrite a love story that celebrates and supports all that you are and what you desire, and then finally, take the intentional steps to put it all into action. 

Create Your Love Story begins this  May 24th. Are you ready to create yours?

What some past participants have had to say about this work...

'I have told people I know that this series is about deepening the relationship you have with yourself. The learning throughout this series awakens your awareness on multiple levels and also teaches you how to get out of your own way by discovering where we sabotage ourselves most in this area of love and dating in our lives. By deepening the relationship we have with ourselves it allows for deeper and more meaningful connections with others. Ultimately, this series aims to transform our dating experience into an enjoyable one instead of one of struggle and frustration.'~ Ellie

'Never in my wildest dreams did I think the Create Your Love Story program would have the impact it did. It cracked me open in such a good way. It's so much more than just about dating. It's about the relationship we have with ourselves and looking at ourselves in a whole new way. I now understand my relationship patterns and what's so cool is that in working with Andrea, we flip the old negatives into positives. I better understand what inspires me, the gifts I bring and understand the different ways we communicate. Andrea shares great tools and wisdom in the series and was incredibly generous by having guest speakers join us in each of the three programs. I highly recommend working with Andrea if you want a new perspective on approaching love and dating.' ~ Stephanie

To learn more and have the opportunity to claim your spot in the next program series, which begins this month, on May 24th, sign up here.