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Designer & Devourer Episode 5
Check out Episode 5 of Designer & Devourer! We’ll be talking recent posts, upcoming stuff, and then some recent development work on Turn. The recipe this week will be road trip kebabs. 

Recently did an interview with Jeff Tidball on The White Box, a box of blank parts to help design and game education get started!

Interviewed Colin Kyle on Axon Punk: Overdrive, a cyberpunk game with hip hop influences.

Chatted with Kevin Allen, Jr. on Trouble for Hire, a road adventure game with one player and distributed GM roles for the other players.

Talked to Cam Banks about CortexPrime – my stretch goal hit! It’s still going!

Had a guest post by Paul Stefko onDirecting Shadowrun: Anarchy.

Released Of the Woods: Lonely Gamesof Imagination on DriveThruRPG, includes a game of my design and curated games from other designers. Proceeds go to Trevor Project.

 Interviews coming are kinda being juggled right now, but they're on the way. :) 

Road Trip Kebabs

Beef, roughly cubed to 1”x 1”x 2” pieces

Chicken, roughly cubed to 1”x 1”x 2” pieces

Sweet onions, sliced

Sweet peppers, sliced





Brown mustard


Cut meat, chicken, vegetables, and thread onto skewers. You can do all one meat on each skewer, or mix it up. Grill until cooked to your preference of done-ness, but make sure the chicken is at least 165° F or there’s no pink left. Season while it’s still hot, right off the grill. Use mustard as a dipping sauce! Great hot or cold. 

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