Introducing the Assistant 'Verse!
As part of my Patreon-exclusive content, I’m pleased to introduce what I’ve been calling the Assistant ‘verse – the most recent side project to command my attention.

Those familiar with the Boston ‘verse know that it focuses on safe, sane, and consensual BDSM in a contemporary real-world setting. The relationship between the protagonists emphasizes mutual respect, trust, and healthy, open communication.

The Assistant ‘verse is Boston’s dark, twisted cousin.

In contemporary Manhattan, young and naïve Desi Amador lands a coveted position as personal and executive assistant to powerful billionaire Andrew Vaughn. Unfortunately for Desi, Vaughn isn’t the man his public image would suggest. Over time, Vaughn wages a gradual campaign of skilled manipulation, seduction, and emotional blackmail to coerce Desi into a relationship he never wanted.

Disclaimer: The Assistant ‘verse is a darker, edgier story written for the purpose of erotic fantasy. The relationship it depicts is intentionally unhealthy and problematic, and this dynamic is eroticized (although never romanticized.). It should therefore only be read by adults who can differentiate fantasy from reality and do not have triggers surrounding issues of dubious consent and emotional abuse.

This ‘verse will contain no physical abuse and no forcible rape. If you’ve been with me for a while, you know pretty much what to expect in terms of kinks and tropes.

Like the Boston ‘verse, the Assistant ‘verse is not a novel but rather a collection of standalone installments that I will add to as inspiration strikes.

Want to take a walk on the dark side with me? Read Assistant ‘Verse: Interview  and let me know what you think!

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