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The Internet Is Awesome
This is a live performance using a Launchpad, Impulse midi controller, and Ableton Live. Filmed in one take, start to finish. No overdubbing or lip syncing! Patrons!! Please leave us comments below! We're reading and answering! This song on iTunes: Lyrics: Antiquity, The Middle Ages, The renaissance The Industrial Revolution, The Internet. It’s strange to think that we don’t even really know when it started. But it used to fit on a single computer. And now we have no idea how big it is. We do know that there are over 4 billion pages live on the internet, Almost a million apps downloaded every hour, About 250 billion emails sent every day, And that 1 in 6 marriages occurs because the couple met online. Online. The internet is awesome. Before the internet, ordinary people could only publish their ideas and creations if they went through a gatekeeper. The internet allows for subcultures to form and expand. If you’re one in a thousand then on the internet there are two and a half million people who identify with the things you love.