Hack'n Stalk Quick Guide [WIP]
This guide will cover basic mechanics and spoils how to reach all endings. It's gonna be the "official" guide linked on the final game release (very soon!). I may expand this guide later !

In the first two chapters, you gonna make a lot of choices that will increase/reduce the main status gauges (love/horny). In most cases, there are no "wrong" choices. 

There is a hidden staus called 'Karma' in the game. Some thoughts and actions will tell more about your character and this will be silently recorded and will affect the end of the game. Do your part on the role play and work your choices.  Are you a good guy or an asshole?  Do you respect Julie or treat her like a bitch? Do you wanna conquer her heart or just get into her pants?

 Chapter 1:  

Your main tool here is your computer. Keep exploring all the apps to gather information on Julie. Use it to your advantage.  Wikipedia will provide some crucial information. Take pictures to trade for new apps.

Keep trading information with Phill and take a look on his stock (you may wan't save money for chapter 2). 

There's no money grinding in this game, wich means that there's no way to buy everything available in one playthrough. Money in Hack'n Stalk is just like any other choices. Spend it wisely!

Watch the Manager! If you don't wanna risk getting fired for screwing up on the job, avoid him! Or grow some balls and keep him away from your girl!

You gonna need Julie to be at least in 'INTERESTED' loving status to proceed to Chapter 2.

Chapter 2:

Here you will use items , information and the remaining money from Chapter 1 to make a move on Julie. 

If you made Julie horny enough, she will start taking the initiative. If not, it's time to start more bold moves!

 Chapter 3: 

Where the real fun occurs. Every decision here counts: the order of your actions, how you undress her, how you treat her, where you and her come.  The scene ends when you cum, or after you try everything she can handle.


There are 5 possible epilogues based on your actions and on Julie's status. Major spoilers ahead:

  •  A Sister Between Us
    You must make Julie declare her love to you. This will happen if she cums on chapter 3 while in a 'IN LOVE' status (and you must not enterly reject her when this happens).
  • An Unexpected Journey
    The good ending. The same conditions of the 'A Sister Between Us' ending, but you must cum inside her pussy during the sex scene. Based on your karma, you may achieve the variation  Unexpected Journey (REDEMPTION), wich slighly changes how the character feels after the events.
  • Karma is a Bitch
    You must develop bad karma, (choose the nasty/sexual toughts about her during the game, make her gag and swalow during the BJ, be an asshole). Finally, during the sex scene, make your character cum before her and then say 'Surprise! I don't care'
  • Out of Control
    Finish the sex scene with Julie in 'Out of Control' horny status
  • Awkward Afternoon
    The default not-good-not-bad end. Just end the story line out of the conditions above 
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