"Write like there's no tomorrow" Patreon's posting prompt tells me.  Heh.  How apropo, given my current dance with my own mortality.  

This piece was created to accompany a blog post on my website updating people on the reasons my Prolonged Absence from writing on that site, an absence reflected here.  I hope that you will read my post there, but for those looking for the quick and dirty version, my health has taken a turn for the worse, and my ability to perform basic tasks like reading and creating has been severely impacted.  There are good days and bad days, though most days lean toward the bad.  Today has been mixed, allowing me to get this piece done and finish that update post which I started a week ago, but not allowing me to complete a simple visit with a friend earlier today.  Hopefully I manage to finish this post.

The title of this piece is based not only on the source material (tree branches silhouetted against the sky) but also on the elemental conflict between my well-laid, rational plans for my life and this summer in particular (air element) and the current willful revolt of my body (earth element) that has upended those plans.  The colours in this piece are meant to invoke the depths of blood and veins, tissue and nerve endings currently engaged in this revolt, a tracery of pain and physical dysfunction, shadowed by an accompanying morass of emotions and the threat of further disruption.  

As noted in the Icon Alchemy blog post, at this point you supporters here on Patreon are my priority as far as online posting and creating go.  I can't make any promises right now as far as posting regularly (or even at all), but anything I do create will go here, and you will be the first to be informed about what is going on as I go forward.  I am deeply frustrated by how little I've been able to post here lately, and I want you to know that I haven't forgotten you - I truly appreciate your continued support, and hope to make it worth your while as soon as my body can cooperate.  Thank you for your patience while I am going through this difficult time.

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