36 Annoying Anti-Feminists (expanded and updated)

No charge for this one, since it's mostly old work. Some of you may have seen the earlier version of this cartoon, which had 32 anti-feminists.

Shortly after this cartoon was first published, I got a lot of criticism. Some of it was the expected mindless anger (I hope you die, you're just trying to get laid, etc etc) from the less intelligent anti-feminists. Some of the comments from the smarter anti-feminists were actually helpful (for instance, if a lot of people misread the same panel in the same way, that's a panel I can clarify).

But the comments that really made me want to revise the cartoon came from feminists who reminded me of some anti-feminists I missed. (Indeed, on reading this, one of my housemate's first comment was "where's the bitter divorced guy?") I had a little free time during my New York City trip, so I decided to add in four of the anti-feminists I missed last time. And while I was doing that, I thought I'd revise some of the old panels.  For instance, in the first version of Mr. Buzzword, I somehow forgot to include the word "snowflake," an omission that has bothered me ever since. :-)

(In one case - "the comparison shopper" - I completely redrew the art. The original drawing for that showed an angry character. Anger seemed like the wrong emotion entirely, so I drew a different character who was more snotty than angry. The original, angry character drawing got moved to the "kicker" panel below the bottom of the strip.)

If you want to just skip to the new ones, they are panels 31-35 - that is, the fifth-to-last to the second-to-last panels.

I'll wait a few days before posting this in public - but you folks get to see it early. Thank you all, sincerely, for all your support.