All God’s Cousins #1
All God’s Cousins, & Where They’re Bound Volume III -- Book 1, A Series Forward & A Prefatory Note


Series Forward

 Supreme among the paradoxes of human consciousness, or at the very least first among equals as regards the contradictory conundrums of our awareness, must always remain the twin duties at once to seek knowledge and understanding of every single aspect of All-That-Is, without even one exception, and to acknowledge not only the absolute impossibility of ever achieving this total awareness—of any complex, long-lasting phenomenon or dynamic—but also to affirm that anyone who asserts such an overarching apprehension must be at best a charlatan and a fool, someone to avoid and eschew, someone quite likely as dangerous as any similarly deluded champion of self-serving falsehood and narcissistic braggadocio throughout history.

Considering things fully, I am drawn to those who seek the truth but flee, basically in terror, either from anyone who insists that he has delved its utter essence, or from everybody who maintains that her point of view is the only defensible one: such arrogant certainty about intricate complexities that are dynamic and ever-changing must always be wrong inasmuch as total accuracy about All-That-Is can only ever happen if the erstwhile accurate purveyor has a one-to-one identity with the entire cosmos under consideration.

Radical love revolutionizes everything!

This is a huge project, much too enormous for a prolific scribe with close to zero committed audience. At least such a view resonates in the rational part of my being. But I've always lived by the precept that one's reach should far exceed one's grasp; 'what else is heaven for,' after all.

Therefore, readers are welcome to the central volume of a five volume series, this third installment exemplary in its structure of the first two overall episodes. In addition to a few initial matters to convey, each of these first three sets of story and incident, of fact and confabulation, will consist of thirteen books, all of which of which in turn will contain twenty-six chapters and three documentary sections.

The purpose of proffering this to an audience is thus twofold: to present a fictionalized account of my life and the lives of my forebears and cohorts, all either cousins or closer family, and to purvey documentation and analysis of the more or less factual surrounding territory of these confabulated creations. Thus I call this entire effort an exercise in Documentary Fiction.

This third overall section occurs between 1976 and the present day, which will be late 2017 or early 2018 upon its completed conveyance in plus or minus thirty serial slices. Like Dickens did on occasion, I'm electing to administer smaller doses rather than place the narrative on the table in one fell swoop.

Not that I'm comparing my capacity as a scribe to the masterful Victorian of A Tale of Two Cities, far from it. I am humbly aware of my weaknesses and shortcomings as a narrator. But I insist that the story here—the stories that interlace into this soon enough to be monumental whole—is worth one's attention, at least if one wants to have a useful take on understanding one's life and finding ways to fight for a sustainable future.

Yes. I'm a writer with an agenda—social change, societal improvement, human consciousness raised to a higher degree of insight and a sweeter pitch of compassion and relationship. Will reading this first plus-or-minus seventy-five thousand word installment help in regard to such goals? I'll hope and pray that a few followers will help me to answer that inquiry, should I have to good fortune to live that long.

A Prefatory Note

Everything that I write starts with a preface. That makes sense, since every fiction ever written contains a premise, sometimes simple and sometimes not, that consists of the idea or ideas that come before the story itself, that propel it to unfold itself page after page. ... CONTINUE READING in our Patrons-only update 

 So a reader may ask, “What does this guy want?” And the answer starts with someone's reading this far.  

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