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High Time - Official Video

It's Moe, again.  This new official video is a quartet of me singing in harmony! 

This is an a cappella arrangement that I wrote years back when singing with the all women a cappella group, The Riveters.  We never made a music video of this song so I decided to make my own version and bring it back to life! 

High Time is the 2nd track on the Grateful Dead album, Workingman's Dead. Yes, I did go through a Dead phase in college.  I literally played pool and listened to old bootleg tapes of their shows with other music students in the basement of an older guy named Hippie Bill (I think that was his name - I can't quite remember now).  I'm sure you can picture it.  

If you want to check out the original GD version, here is a link:

High Time is one of those songs that I find so much beauty in - the chords, lyrics and harmonies are full of heart - but I also felt a longing to hear it done a cappella.  I thought this was a perfect song to do a redux of.  

I love taking a great song and doing it in a different way that brings out new meaning and feeling.  I don't write much original music (outside of wacky songs on long roadtrips) but I LOVE arranging, reimagining and singing.  

I hope you enjoy this piece. 

Much love to you on this beautiful day. 

- Moorea (and Tar)


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