The Hunger-Free Diet(s)

It started out as "lose weight without hunger on LCHF" and went all the way to "effortless fasting on keto." Works for some and it might be true, but the same can be said for low fat diets! The key, I think, in both contexts, is simple: fewer processed & refined foods...

The Hunger-Free Diet(s)

Jun 6, 2017

It started out as “lose weight without hunger on LCHF” and went all  the way to “effortless fasting on keto.”  Works for some and it might be  true, but the same can be said for low fat diets!  The key, I think, in  both contexts, is simple: fewer processed & refined foods…  something the Paleo movement got right, imo (although I still think many low-calorie sweeteners are way less unhealthy than HFCS & sugar).

The logic:

1) add “good calories” like almonds to your diet and appetite spontaneously compensates by eating less other stuff: energy neutral

2) you don’t compensate for added “bad calories” like sugar-sweetened beverages: positive energy balance

3) remove bad calories from your diet and you don’t compensate by eating more other stuff: negative energy balance

Book: Good Calories, Bad Calories

Exhibit A. Effects of a low-glycemic load vs low-fat diet in obese young adults (Ebbeling et al., 2007)

Low GI diet: 40% carb, 35% fat, 25% protein

Low fat diet: 55% carb, 20% fat, 25% protein


“Rather, hunger and satiety cues were discussed and participants were advised as follows: ‘Eat when you are hungry, before you become famished. Stop eating when you are satisfied, before you become stuffed.‘” GOOD ADVICE

Both groups ate more protein and fibre-rich foods.

Switching from their Crappy Diet to one with fewer refined foods  resulted in similar spontaneous declines in appetite and food intake  regardless of diet group assignment.  And both groups were equally  satisfied with their diets = #winning

And they all lost weight:

Exhibit B. Weight  loss on low-fat vs. low carbohydrate diets by insulin resistance status  among overweight adults and adults with obesity: a randomized pilot  trial (Gardner et al., 2016)

Low(ish) carb diet: 22% carb, 53% fat, 25% protein

Low(ish) fat diet: 57% carb, 21% fat, 22% protein


Appetite spontaneously declined by like, 600 kcals in all groups!

Compliance and adherence were equally good:

What’s next: “effortless weight loss with LF” ??? [no please just stop with these tag-lines]

There are many successful dietary patterns and they all seem to have one thing in common: cut out processed and refined foods.   Whether you’ll do better on one over the other may depend on biological  factors like circadian rhythms, insulin sensitivity, or more simply:  personal preference.  More whole food sources of protein and fibre seem  to work well also.  Because #science.

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