Episode Three: The Power of Listening
We are so happy to release Genuine, Episode Three! We're calling this "The Power of Listening" because of the profound conversation we had with Tejumo Ogouma about how to offer true listening to others.

Also in this episode Carlton Green and I share an engaging conversation about the power of listening and we hear sounds of Bamako, Mali recorded by Tejumo as well as original music by Jim Infantino, Djelikba Soumano and Jon Sousa.

Thanks to Nicole Arsenault and Team Podcast for the editorial and mixing work. Thanks to the 21  Patrons of Genuine for supporting the development of this podcast!

Join us as we share an exploration of what it means to listen.

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We are waiting for a big splash release of Genuine until The Presence Point can finance a proper PR ramp, so for now, Genuine is available to Patrons and Friends of the podcast. Want to share it with more people? Invite more patrons!!

It has taken over a year to get these first episodes together, so thank you for your patience. I am THRILLED to share it with you!!! Please, please let me know what you think. I am actively working on the next 7 episodes.

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