Thanks for hanging around!
Just wanted to say thank you all for being part of my Patreon! and that there will be a few (good!) changes coming up soon.
  • First, more frequent updates! Like it should be!
  • Second, after this next tutorial, we'll be switching to a new tutorial system- it now includes a teaching stream (compared to me just throwing a long image at you!). The way it will work is: one month will be the new tutorial/ worksheet post, and the month after that will be a follow-up with practice questions and a stream for all $5+ folks to ask questions they might have about the material. That way I'll be able to give you guys a lot more value per tutorial in terms of answering questions in person, and doing some live practice/ examples of anything you were wondering about! woo~ Our next tutorial is coming out in a week or so.
  • Third: back to streams! Now my schedule is back to focusing on drawing comics, which means I can't hide from you any longer!
  • Fourth: Back to gift icons for $10+ folks! I had to put that on pause last year around this time because I was going nuts with work and just didn't have the time for bonus stuff like that. If you were waiting on one (and are still around), I'll be picking away at those soon. After I'm done with those I'll be reaching out to the rest of ya for some free arts. 
  • Last but not least: GIVEAWAY CONTESTS. I just like doing these. Now that I finally know how to ship stuff myself, it's a lot easier for me to send stuff out~~ We will have a new contest coming up soon that will involve a certain metal item that may or may not be affixed to things. 

I might also revamp some of my Patreon descriptions since some of them aren't as relevant anymore, but the fact of the matter I'm finally free of the worst stuff this year had to throw at me, and will be turning my attention back to bothering all of you with exclusive content once more.

Thank you again and see you with more stuff soon!