Ladies and gents, November is here. October has been a month of progress, with little to show despite ...progress. But I'm a big boy, and I own up to that. This month, things are going to be very VERY different. That's a promise. End of story. DARK SOULS VIDEO - Nov. ?? (early-ish) This elusive piece of content has gone on for way too long, however, I've been notified by the editor it should be done in roughly a week. I'm going to solidify that date today. CLAP 3: CHARACTERS - Nov. 15 The third in the Chinese lesson series. It's written and just needs to be made. I've said it was coming, and it's been on the list forever. BATMAN ANIMATION - Nov. 22 Brought back from the dead (and pushed ahead of the 5 other projects happening at the same time). I'll be working on this in the background of the other projects. But it's happening and getting done. And I'm really liking it again, thanks again to all of your for helping find a way of bringing it back and finishing it. RoG ASSASSINS CREED PT2 + VOICE TUTORIAL - by Nov. 29 Perhaps not released the same day, but they're going up this month. These are less ambitious projects to be sure, but they're on the list, and if I can scratch them off, we can just focus on the juicy bits. OTHER PROJECTS There's a lot of them, all in various states of completion. The stated month schedule is pretty ambitious, but that's what we're here for. Get good, or get out, right? That said, if for some reason things just take off like crazy, projects I want to wrap up sooner than later or the Apple cartoon, cowboy thing, and the first Parallel Dimensions pilot ... won't likely happen in this month, but that's what's up. SEATTLE TRIP - Dec. 26 thru Jan. 1 (or 2) Despite how dire shit sounded when I was notified by my mother of my grandmother's situation, she's "assuring" me that wai-wai is doing better... so I'll be heading out to see my grandmother a little later (as a compromise to my wife, my sister, and my mom), and will be in Seattle after Christmas, through to new years. ^.^ That's what I got for now. With Halloween over, hangouts and streams should be back on. Perhaps not EVERY week (at least not both Friday/Sat), but definitely more (and also this coming weekend). Alright you crazy crazes, time fucking rock it. Friend-humps, M