Yii development notes #9
 Hello everyone!Here's the next issue of Yii development notes. Many interesting things are happening so let's get straight to news.



Thanks to @prodex, YiiPowered got an ability to select primary image from the list of images uploaded.The number of projects added there almost reached 200 which is quite cool. If you have a project to share — please add it. It's good both for Yii and the project.

I've spent some time checking on of my backers code — LUYA CMS. It resulted in submitting issues and pull requests.

YiiConf is going to happen next week. Preparations took lots and lots of time and energy and I think it's going to be good. There will be four core team members speaking and, besides speaking, we'll have time for discussions including roadmap planning.

Other things

I've posted about an easy refactoring trick resulting in much cleaner code: moving constants into dictionaries.

More posts are in drafts.

Campaign and jobs

It seems Patreon campaign stabilized more or less. No new patrons are coming. Patrons backing me aren't going (thank you very much for that!).

The sum gathered allows me to spend at least some time on Yii. At least while I have money left from Stay.com times.  

Working on Stay.com was challenging at times but there was no need to worry much about code quality, deadlines and income. We had time for refactoring code and testing it properly.

Nowadays I'm doing code reviews (and love it) and supporting/developing a new project that was requested to be finished yesterday. Hope we'll be able to get it up and running soon but currently, without time to write tests or refactor much, it is already starting to look messy.

Besides that, I've signed a preliminary contract with tuts+ for writing for them so one day you may see my articles there.