Pochade Plein Air Painting
Thank you immensely to my Patrons, this happened because of your support... ♥️ While I've painted "plein air" many times before, this is THE very first time in my life that I've done it with actual oil paint. For sure, this is by no means a fancy painting... 

Measuring about 4 x 6 inches (because that's what I had), it was done Sunday morning near where I live, completed in about 45 minutes focusing on simple shapes and a bit of perspective, all in an effort to see if I like oils enough to stick with it and practice. 

Experimenting in different mediums forces you to both grow and to focus, and my goal is to improve my acrylic paintings by playing with both watercolors and oils. 

And I love the oils. 

The texture of oils is truly like butter. The above was done with only 5 foundation colors - the same 5 basics I use with my acrylics, along with others I use on my art cards - and no paint thinner (not handy). I'll DEFINITELY be doing more Plein Air painting this summer!