Intro Game Code Puzzle 2

What To Do

In the word game above, I have to decipher (or "figure out") what the words are secretly saying. 

How To Do

To do that, I have to say the words out loud so I can hear them and not just read them quietly. 

I repeat the words out loud again, but now faster. 

The Result

Eventually, after a few times, I hear a different message than the one the words spell out. 

Try It Out

After repeating it a few times, the answer is revealed. 

The Answer

View the attachment to see if you got it right, then move on to the more interesting ones. 



There are lots more puzzles in store, some include funny or otherwise engaging fiction stories for you to enjoy and maybe even believe. 

For example, I was hiking in the woods with this dude I went to high school with, but this was years later. This was our first time that we were including my buddy's newly found canine companion. 

Both of us were broke losers, so we had that in common. He had a half dog half wolf that he refused to keep on a leash. In his case, it was especially important in case his wolf instincts kicked in and the dog took off on us to kill the local wildlife. 

Sure enough, seconds after stepping foot passed the parking lot, his half wolf took off like he was being chased by the police and disappeared for a good twenty minutes. 

During that time, my friend continued on his merry way on our hike through the woods. His canine eventually caught up with us, at which point my buddy here grabs the dog, lifts him off the ground, and yells at him for leaving his side. Like it's the dog's fault you didn't put a leash on him and it did exactly what a half wolf was born to do. 

Hey, let's shave your dog, draw some black and white stripes on it and maybe it will stay with the group next time like a timid zebra.

Just yesterday, I see my buddy two blocks away walking a small zebra, dead ass, no wait, it was alive, and a zebra.

True story ...ish.