Happy November, Patrons! Thank you for your contributions so far. I'm getting settled into my new apartment and am hard at work on the final pages of Chapter 9. Because of my new and improved work schedule, I'm able to offer new rewards! You can read the full details at the campaign's home page. (There should be a button link below if you're reading this in an e-mail.) Here's the rundown: NEW REWARDS: $10/month - I'll draw you a sketch! $30/month - I'll draw you a fully colored character! $75/month - You get a gift set with a hard copy of UTC Vol. 1, a random single-issue comic, a set of stickers, and a drawing of a character of your choice! Plus I'll sign and/or draw in the books! (U.S. residents only, sorry!) $90/month - This is the international version of the $75 reward. (Higher postage, ugh.) REVISED REWARDS: $50/month - Your own character gets a cameo in UTC! (Reduced from $100. Previous cameo contributions will be doubled retroactively!) REMOVED: Raw inked pages & colored pages - These options have not been claimed as of yet. I'll post occasional inked and colored pages to the Patreon gallery instead as a bonus reward for all pledgers! Based on my current book inventory, I've limited the Gift Set reward to 25 persons (spread out between domestic and international, but it is flexible...say, if 23 domestic rewards are requested and only 2 international). But I could add more if this proves popular enough. Thanks again for your continued support! Hope you enjoy the climax of Chapter 9! -Jim
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