Prismgirls comming to an end.
This is the sort of update that Is hard to write. All of you have been amazing with your support but at some point the business model needs to be seriously considered viable or not. Prismgirls hasn't been covering its costs since may. The majority of the time the artists payment was covered but there was easily another 1-2 k of costs including administration, server costs, firewall subscriptions, Web technicians, taxes and so forth that wasn't covered at all. It's the sort of thing that is hard to see from the outside but is a very real expense. I was hoping that patreon support would come through in a way that the old method wasn't, especially with extra traffic due to open nature but after seeing the last two months and the unpredictability of patreons payment system (attached as image) just cut out what is already a very low operational cost. There are options to help mitigate the costs and they are all unsatisfactory. I could lower the update rates and scare off supporters with what seems like broken promises. I could change milestones and once again piss of supporters who where in for a specific milestone. At this point the model doesn't seem to work and I'm not financially secure enough to promote it with heavy advertising budget, or quite frankly I could just be bad at business. All of this may seem sudden but patreon was really my last attempt at making this work. Prismgirls persists as a charity that I can no longer afford. will close on the 15th. Thank you for all your patronage.