Endocrine Toxicology, Population Gendercide & Animal Foods: Please Share!


To preface, I will ask you, I will demand from you, that you examine the depth and scope of this information from a truly UNBIASED standpoint as you may. Please check your beliefs and ideologies at the door before entering. I'm going to start off with some weird and controversial issues first, which is probably not a wise idea, but that's just the flow of how the presentation came together and I always follow the flow of of Sync as it comes through.  Thank you! Lets begin!


The above image I found is a pretty piss poor meme, but its premise is valid and true, but what MOST PEOPLE HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT, is that ALL, and I mean ALL of these factors are
CAUSED PRIMARILY BY THE CONSUMPTION OF ANIMAL FOODS, (well, except for becoming gay of course. Although, there possibly seems to be some kind of  "gay agenda" to push it like a hot, trendy, fad onto children through pop culture being legitimate, shown further on) which I will cite all the pathways for, via bioaccumulation and Biomagnification of endocrine disrupting toxins up the foodchain, as also shown by the fact that "Male birds that eat mercury-contaminated food show "surprising" homosexual behavior, scientists have found)."

 It's Interesting to find if the correlations being the same in our fellow human peacocks, just as the bird kingdom, strutting and prancing their vibrant vivid colors just as the flamboyant or "flaming" flamingo with its flamenco style of flash and flare that male birds use to attract mates and signal the flame of love. 

Dont jump to conclusions, though, im not homophobic and theres absolutely nothing wrong with being gay, it does not infringe universal law, insomuch as it follows and abides by the individual's NATURAL RIGHTS of FREE WILL CHOICE WHICH SHALL NEVER BE INFRINGED! Those rights of free will choice to live freely and to not be harmed also extends to the animal kingdom as well!

The harm comes when the subliminal influence on the ILLUSION of "free will choice" is inflicted from environment, propagated via top-down cultural propaganda machines and industrial corporate cabals who have a vested cultural "eugenics" program running, based on principles of social darwinism (what I like to call "death by diet" or quite simply SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST) and certain marxist ideologies, spurred and triggered by the mass trophic biomagnification of endocrine and hormonal disrupting toxins up the food chain.

As we seriously begin to understand the HARD TRUTH about toxicology and diet, we will make it VERY CLEAR who the FITTEST and THE HEALTHIEST are, via evidence based clinical nutritional science.

Given and understanding this TRUTH, it will become VERY APPARENT that yes, indeed, THERE IS BUT ONE DIET THAT IS FAR SUPERIOR TO ANYTHING ELSE, which we discuss further along, and I do say that objectively. #TOXICOLOGY IS A SCIENCE THAT YOU CANNOT DENY NOR IGNORE WITHOUT DEADLY CONSEQUENCES which we will dive into the deep science literature further along, after we set the stage for the context here. 

Let us consider the toxicology science of how
Atrazine, the most abundantly used herbicidal hormonal endocrine disruptor produced by  Syngenta AG, a global Swiss agribusiness that produces agrochemicals and seeds. As a #BIOTECHNOLOGY COMPANY, IT CONDUCTS GENOMIC RESEARCH. It was formed in 2000 by the merger of Novartis Agribusiness and Zeneca Agrochemicals. Zeneca Agrochemicals was part of AstraZeneca, and formerly of Imperial Chemical Industries.

In 2005, Syngenta opposed a Swiss ban on genetically engineered organisms.[13] On 28 November 2005, Switzerland enacted a five-year ban on the farming of genetically modified crops, underscoring the problems facing the European Commission and biotech companies like Syngenta, Bayer and Monsanto as they try to overcome consumer doubts about safety.[14]
As of 2014 Syngenta's main competitors are Monsanto Company, BASF, Dow AgroSciences, Bayer CropScience and DuPont Pioneer.[15]
In 2014, Monsanto sought to acquire Syngenta for a reported $40 billion, but Syngenta rejected the offer.[2][16] Since April 2015 Monsanto and Syngenta had been working with their investment banks Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs respectively on a deal. The U.S. Treasury tried to stop the deal for tax inversion.[17] Syngenta's Board of Directors rejected an even better offer by Monsanto during August 2015, and Monsanto withdrew from the negotiations on 26 August.[18]

Syngenta's contributions to US federal candidates, parties, and outside groups totaled $267,902 during 2012, ranking it 10th on the list of companies in its sector.
[79] Its lobbying expenditures in the US during 2012 were $1,150,000, ranking it 7th in its sector.[80]

Atrazine is known in studies to produce #bisexual, #hermaphroditic, and #transsexual results in amphibians that are exposed to concentrations of run off. 

Berkeley – The nation's top-selling weed killer, atrazine, disrupts the sexual development of frogs at concentrations 30 times lower than levels allowed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), raising concerns about heavy use of the herbicide on corn, soybeans and other crops in the Midwest and around the world.

In an article in the April 16 issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, University of California, Berkeley, developmental endocrinologist Tyrone B. Hayes, associate professor of integrative biology, and his colleagues report that atrazine at levels often found in the environment demasculinizes tadpoles and turns them into hermaphrodites - creatures with both male and female sexual characteristics. The herbicide also lowers levels of the male hormone testosterone in sexually mature male frogs by a factor of 10, to levels lower than those in normal female frogs.

As Hayes later discovered, many atrazine-contaminated ponds in the Midwest contain native leopard frogs with the same abnormalities." http://www.berkeley.edu/news/media/releases/2002/04/15_frogs.html

 It is one of the most widely used herbicides in US[2] and Australian agriculture.[3] It was banned in the European Union in October 2003, when the EU found groundwater levels exceeding the limits set by regulators, and Syngenta could neither show that this could be prevented nor that these levels were safe.[4][5]

As of 2001, atrazine was the most commonly detected pesticide contaminating drinking water in the United States.
[6]:42 Studies suggest it is an endocrine disruptor, an agent that can alter the natural hormonal system.[7][8] 

In 2006 the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had stated that under the Food Quality Protection Act "the risks associated with the pesticide residues pose a reasonable certainty of no harm",[9] and in 2007, the EPA said that atrazine does not adversely affect amphibian sexual development and that no additional testing was warranted.[10]

EPA's 2009 review
[11]concluded that "the agency's scientific bases for its regulation of atrazine are robust and ensure prevention of exposure levels that could lead to reproductive effects in humans".[12] EPA started a registration review in 2013.[13]
The EPA's review has been criticized, and the safety of atrazine remains controversial.[2][8][14][15]

Scientists not on the payroll of Syngenta and other GMO manufacturers discovered the incidence of human birth defects was greatest during the months of April, May and June, which was when farmers used the greatest amount of atrazine annually.

“Atrazine is an endocrine disruptor. This means that micro-doses can have large, irreversible effects that we are just beginning to understand. New studies link low-level exposure to birth defects, delayed puberty and infertility — all of which are on the rise. Higher cancer risk and environmental toxicity are also of concern.

Birth Defects: Infants concieved during atrazine spray season are more likely to be born with birth defects. Research shows that even low levels of exposure during pregnancy may be problematic; the third trimester appears to be most critical.

Infertility: Documented reproductive harms include male infertility, increased risk of miscarriage, and low infant birth weight.

Cancer: Atrazine may increase risk of breast and prostate cancer. Though some studies have not found a link, the recent President’s Cancer Panel Report calls atrazine a possible carcinogen.

Scientists report that for atrazine, timing of exposure may be more important than exposure levels, and interaction with other pesticides may make health harms more severe.

Evidence of environmental effects is also strong and growing. Recent studies show that atrazine causes genetically male frogs to become anatomically female through a “chemical castration” effect.”

"Atrazine has been a suspected
teratogen, with some studies reporting causing demasculinization in male northern leopard frogs even at low concentrations,[46][47] and an estrogen disruptor.[48] A 2002 study by Tyrone Hayes, of the University of California, Berkeley, found that exposure caused male tadpoles to turn into hermaphrodites– frogs with both male and female sexual characteristics.[49] 

A 2003 EPA review of this study concluded that overcrowding, questionable sample handling techniques, and the failure of the authors to disclose key details including sample sizes, dose-response effects, and the variability of observed effects made it difficult to assess the study's credibility and ecological relevance.[50]

According to Hayes in 2004, all of the studies that rejected the
hermaphroditism hypothesis were plagued by poor experimental controls and were funded by Syngenta, suggesting conflict of interest.[51]

A 2005 Syngenta-funded study, requested by EPA and conducted under EPA guidance and inspection, was unable to reproduce Hayes´ results.
There has been a long running conflict between Syngenta and University of California at Berkeley biologist Tyrone Hayes.
According to an article in the 10 February 2014, issue of The New Yorker, Syngenta's public-relations team took steps to discredit Hayes, whose research is purported to suggest that the Syngenta-produced chemical atrazine was responsible for abnormal development of reproductive organs in frogs. The article states that the company paid third-party critics to write articles discrediting Hayes's work, planned to have his wife investigated, and planted hostile audience members at scientific talks given by Hayes.[42]

During a 21 February interview conducted on Democracy Now, Hayes reiterated the claims.[74] After the interview aired, Syngenta denied targeting Hayes or making any threats, calling those statements "uncorroborated and intentionally damaging" and demanding a retraction and public apology from Hayes and Democracy Now.[75]

Atrazine is a testosterone blocker in rats: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/j.1939-4640.2001.tb02164.x/epdf

Female rat fertility study

Atrazine Acts as an Endocrine Disrupter by Inhibiting cAMP- specific Phosphodiesterase-4

Atrazine and reproductive function: mode and mechanism of action studies

But what about the effects on HUMANS?
Fertility issues in women linked to Atrazine in tap water 

"Women who drink water contaminated with low levels of the weed killer atrazine may be more likely to have irregular menstruation and low estrogen levels, according to a new study." https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/atrazine-water-tied-hormonal-irregularities/

A risk assessment of atrazine use in California: human health and ecological aspects

Secular Decline in Male Reproductive Function: Is Manliness Threatened?


Is the EPA Being Pressured on Atrazine? New Findings of Environmental Concerns about Syngenta's Crop Chemical Removed from EPA Site


I do hope that you sincerely consider these facts. I go out of my way and spend so much effort on stressing the reality of these health concerns. There is a real concern about the hazards of messing around with your hormones which can damage the endocrine system and interfere with the bodies' ability to produce its own endogenous hormones at the very least, be it from exogenous food sources, or  clinical science of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, which will be included further on. 


Now to summarize the MAIN POINT here, Persistant Organic pollutants are bioaccumulated by exponential magnitudes in animal fat and tissue. I quote the science literature on diabetes.. "OVER 90% OF ALL POPs (PERSISTANT ORGANIC POLLUTANTS) COME FROM ANIMAL FOODS." read that again. did you get the message?? 

"OVER 90% of POPs comes from animal foods in the general population without occupational or accidental exposures..." source:

•POPs have an anthropogenic origin: industrial processes, waste (e.g. medical), traffic and agriculture. A few may be of natural origin, e.g. from volcanic eruptions.
•POPs are released into air, water and land – from where they deposit into water, sediment, and enter the food-chain
•POPs are globally distributed through the air and ocean currents – they travel long distances and enter into atmospheric processes, air– water exchange and cycles involving rain, snow and dry particles. These processes lead to the exposure of even remote populations of humans and animals that depend on aquatic foods. Humans and animals are exposed mainly via ingestion of contaminated aquatic foodstuffs.
•POPs travel long distances and are found in places far away from industrial sites or from agricultural areas, such as the Arctic circle.


Ive just recorded a video presentation that will be up soon, on #toxicology, #bioaccumulation & #biomagnification of toxins up the foodchain in animal fat, and by far the most exposure to POP comes from eating animal foods, something nobody seems to have any clue about, judging from public Q and A.

The Effect of Canned Tuna on Future Wages
If youre worried about MERCURY contamination in vaccines, you should know that just HALF A CAN OF TUNA contains the equivalent of 100 VACCINES worth of mercury!!  The mercury contamination in tuna and other fish may adversely impact future earnings by impairing brain function, and leading to a loss of intelligence (IQ).

Mercury in Vaccinations vs. Tuna
Balancing the risks and benefits of fish consumption.

Fish Intake Associated with Brain Shrinkage
Exposure to mercury during pregnancy appears to influence fetal brain development, as detected by decreased size of a newborn’s brain.

While tuna may be a source of heart-healthy omega-3, mercury contamination is a major concern. The mercury in tuna (especially certain brands) may damage the brains of infants, children, and adults more than the mercury in vaccinations, amalgam teeth fillings, high-fructose corn syrup and Ayervedic supplements. Algae-based sources of omega-3 do not bring the danger of mercury contamination.

Tuna may also contain DDT (a banned pesticide still present in our food chain), PCB pollutants, and the carcinogens benzene and putrescine. Tuna sushi may contain fecal contamination in amounts exceeding National Food Standards guidelines. A toxin in tuna has even been found to cause a form of amnesia.

Diet & Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
A neurotoxin called BMAA that concentrates in seafood may help explain clusters of Lou Gehrig’s disease.

ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease): Fishing for Answers
The neurotoxin BMAA is found in seafood and the brains of Alzheimer’s and ALS victims. Might dietary changes help prevent amyotrophic lateral sclerosis?

Protein from tuna and other animal sources may negatively affect kidney function. Tuna ranks among the most acid-producing foods, which can be associated with the formation of kidney stones.

Brian Clement of Hippocrates (who I do not wholly endorse on many subjects) has an amazing series and book called Killer Fish. 

Dioxins and Furans are Highly Toxic

DIOXIN IS CONSIDERED ONE OF THE MOST TOXIC MAN-MADE CHEMICALS EVER MADE, and furans are about a tenth as toxic. In addition, twelve of the 209 kinds of PCBs are very similar to dioxin in structure and toxicity (about one hundredth as toxic). All three compounds (dioxins, furans and PCBs) are often referred to collectively as “dioxin.” They are scored for their dioxin-like potency, and described in terms of their “Toxic Equivalency Factor” (TEF) relative to dioxin. (The other non-dioxin-like PCBs have different toxic properties.)

DIOXIN IS THE WELL-KNOWN TOXIC CHEMICAL WHICH CONTAMINANTED AGENT ORANGE — A DEFOLIANT PRODUCED BY NONE OTHER THAN THE GMO CONGLOMERATE MONSANTO, used to clear forests in the Vietnam war — and caused the evacuation of the town of Times Beach, Missouri, in 1983 and of the Love Canal site in Niagara Falls, New York, in 1978.

Over the last 30 years, since the end of the
Vietnam War, serious birth defects have been
common in Vietnam.  Scientists believe the dioxin
in Agent Orange is causing the birth defects.

Dioxin has been the subject of an intensive health reassessment by EPA for more than 10 years. Industries originally pushed for the reassessment, but didn’t get the results they expected. Now they’ve spent years lobbying against the release of the study. The US Government Corporation delayed the release of the final results, but it is widely known that the scientists have determined that dioxins and dioxin-like compounds (such as PCBs) are “known carcinogens.” They conclude that the average American may face a 1 in 1,000 risk of cancer due to these compounds, perhaps a risk as high as 1 in 100, because contamination has become so widespread in our general food supply ( MEAT, DAIRY, POULTRY, FISH, EGGS AND OTHER SATURATED FAT CONTAINING ANIMAL PRODUCTS.)  Which will be further displayed below.    


"Dioxins and Furans: The Most Toxic Chemicals Known to Science". Energy Justice Network

"Toxic Substances Portal-Polychlorinated Biphenyls". CDC: Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry

"The Wrong Way to Detox". NutritionFacts.org video

"Healthy Milk, Healthy Baby: Chemical Pollution and Mother' Milk". National Resources Defense Council

Dioxins in the Food Supply
Which foods accumulate the highest levels of industrial toxins?

In addition to cancer, exposure to dioxin can also cause severe reproductive and developmental problems (at levels 100 times lower than those associated with its cancer causing effects).  Not only is dioxin considered a known human carcinogen, adverse health effects may include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, endometriosis, early menopause, reduced testosterone and thyroid hormones, altered metabolism and immune responses, and skin, tooth, and nail abnormalities. Exposure during pregnancy can result in altered thyroid, brain, immune system, and reproductive organ development.

Dioxin exposure has been linked to birth defects, inability to maintain pregnancy, decreased fertility, reduced sperm counts, endometriosis, diabetes, learning disabilities, immune system suppression, lung problems, skin disorders, lowered testosterone levels and much more. For an detailed list of health problems related to dioxin, read the People’s Report on Dioxin.

How are we exposed to dioxin?

The major sources of dioxin are in our diet. Since dioxin is fat-soluble, it bioaccumulates, climbing up the food chain. A North American eating a typical North American diet will receive 93% of their dioxin exposure from meat and dairy products (23% is from milk and dairy alone; the other large sources of exposure are beef, fish, pork, poultry and eggs). And yes, THAT DOES ALSO INCLUDE SO CALLED "ORGANIC, FREE RANGE, HUMANE, GRASS FED, LOCAL ETC ETC."  In fish, these toxins bioaccumulate up the food chain so that dioxin levels in fish are 100,000 times that of the surrounding environment. The best way to avoid dioxin exposure is to reduce or eliminate your consumption of meat and dairy products by adopting a vegan diet! 

SINCE DIOXIN IS FAT-SOLUBLE, IT BIOACCUMULATES, CLIMBING UP THE FOOD CHAIN. A North American eating a typical North American diet According to a May 2001 study of dioxin in foods, “The category with the lowest [dioxin] level was a simulated vegan diet, with 0.09 ppt…. Blood dioxin levels in pure vegans have also been found to be very low in comparison with the general population, indicating a lower contribution of these foods to human dioxin body burden.

In EPA’s dioxin report, they refer to dioxin as hydrophobic (water-fearing) and lipophilic (fat-loving). This means that dioxin, when it settles on water bodies, will rapidly accumulate in fish rather than remain in the water. The same goes for other wildlife. Dioxin works its way to the top of the food chain.

Men have no ways to get rid of dioxin other than letting it break down according to its chemical half-lives. Women, on the other hand, have two ways which it can exit their bodies:

  • It crosses the placenta… into the growing infant;
  • It is present in the fatty breast milk, which is also a route of exposure which doses the infant, making breast-feeding for non-vegan/vegetarian (so called "omnivorous") mothers quite hazardous.

  • If you’re not vegan, this is where you are getting your dioxin from (and may god help you). 

Chart from EPA Dioxin Reassessment Summary 4/94 – Vol. 1, p. 37
(Figure II-5. Background TEQ exposures for North America by pathway)

[Chart from May 2001 study by Arnold Schecter et. al., Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A, 63:1–18]

Note: freshwater fish were farm-raised on a diet of meat, which is why they show the highest dioxin levels in this study.

For more information on dioxin in the food supply…


More on dioxins in these videos:
Dioxins in U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish

Counteracting the Effects of Dioxins Through Diet

Diabetes and Dioxins

California Children Are Contaminated

And check out Dr Michael Greger's other videos on industrial toxins

EPA dioxin limit has National Chicken Council worried products could be declared “unfit for consumption" (WHICH THEY ARE!)

Why BPA Hasn’t Been Banned
If the synthetic estrogen BPA is linked to billions of dollars’ worth of medical problems a year, why is it still allowed in the food supply?

Cannibalistic Feed Biomagnification
Feeding meat and bone meal to farm animals may increase the levels of industrial pollutants in animal products.

Okay! Now that you're no longer absolutely retarded about the toxicology of animal foods, lets move on to what happens to our endocrine systems when we eat them!

More peer reviewed, published clinical science research video presentations about animal foods and endocrine function:

Hardcore work from Dr Michael Greger and team at


The consumption of animal products may cause an increase of the hormone, IGF-1, which may increase both cancer risk and progression. Animal protein in particular may boost our IGF-1 production compared to plant proteins. The recent dramatic increase of hormone-dependent cancers in Japan has been speculatively linked to the steroids present in meat. Hormone replacement therapy (including bio-identical hormones) has been shown to be associated with increased risk of heart disease, stroke, pulmonary embolism, and invasive breast cancer.

Hormones in meat may affect a woman’s fertility; eating a single serving of meat per day may increase infertility risk by 30%. Cooked meat contains PhIP, a heterocyclic amine that activates estrogen receptors almost as strongly as pure estrogen. Nettle tea and lavender may also have estrogenic effects. Early onset puberty in girls may be partly due to xenoestrogens (industrial pollutants often found in meat and fish) and the hormones found in animal protein and milk. In contrast, eating soy may be associated with starting puberty 7-8 months later than girls who eat little or no soy. Mushrooms may also help prevent breast cancer by blocking estrogen production, thus decreasing the tumor’s ability to grow. All animal products contain estrogen. This may explain why, in a study of over a thousand women eating plant-based diets, vegan women had one-fifth the number of twins compared with vegetarians and so called "omnivores."

Milk intake may be linked to increased prostate cancer risk and lower sperm counts in men. Endocrine-disrupting industrial toxins in the aquatic food chain may affect genital development of boys ,

and sexual function in men. High rates of acne among milk drinkers may be associated with the high hormone levels in milk.

Steroid hormones, either naturally occurring or via synthetics (estrogen implants, animal feed, etc.), are unavoidable in food of animal origin. Trace amounts of hormones may be common in the environment and have been found in the water supply."

One way to decrease levels of steroid hormones in the body may be to avoid eggs, dairy, and meat. People on plant-based diets have lower levels of IGF-1, which does not seem to affect their ability to accumulate muscle mass. Those on plant-based diets also have lower levels of adiponectin, a hormone that may contribute to cellulite. Those eating more plants hold onto more DHEA, an important hormone associated with increased longevity. A study confirmed that vegetarian women have lower levels of estradiol and therefore presumably a lower breast cancer risk due to higher fiber intake, which helps the body eliminate excess estrogen. Sex-hormone-binding globulins, which remove excess hormones from our bodies, have been found at higher levels in those eating vegetarian diets. Certain plant foods high in the hormone melatonin may help with insomnia. "

Estrogen in Meat, Dairy, & Eggs:

Dairy Estrogen & Male Fertility:
SEX STEROID HORMONES FOUND NATURALLY IN MEAT, EGGS, AND DAIRY may help explain the link between saturated fat intake and declining sperm counts.

Anabolic Steroids in Meat
The implantation of hormones into U.S. beef cattle may have adverse human health effects.

 Male Fertility and Diet

Dioxins, endocrine disrupting pollutants, heavy metals, saturated fat, and steroids in the meat supply may be affecting sperm counts, semen quality, and the ability of men to conceive.

Dietary Pollutants May Affect Testosterone Levels
Endocrine-disrupting industrial toxins in the aquatic food chain may affect genital development of boys and sexual function in men.

Survival of the Firmest: Erectile Dysfunction & Death
Consumption of animal foods cause flacidity and impotency. Because penile arteries are only about half the size of the coronary arteries in the heart, erectile dysfunction can be a powerful predictor of cardiac events—such as sudden death. 

Atkins Diet: Trouble Keeping It Up 

A case report in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly Journal of the American Dietetic Association) of a man who went on the Atkins diet, lost his ability to have an erection—and nearly lost his life.

Atkins Diet and Erectile Dysfunction 

That was just one person, though. Researchers at Harvard recently looked at one hundred thousand people and concluded that low carb diets were “associated with higher all-cause mortality, higher cardiovascular disease mortality, and higher cancer mortality.” 

Pills vs. Diet for Erectile Dysfunction  

Erectile dysfunction is the recurrent or persistent inability to attain and/or maintain an erection in order for satisfactory sexual performance. It is present in up to 30 million men in the U.S. and approximately 100 million men worldwide. The U.S. has less than 8% of the world’s population, yet up to 30% of the impotence? We’re #1!

But hey, we’ve got red, white, and blue pills like Viagra. The problem is that the pills just cover up the symptoms of vascular disease and don’t do anything for the underlying pathology. Erectile dysfunction and our #1 killer, coronary artery disease, are just two manifestations of the same disease: inflamed, clogged, and crippled arteries, regardless of which organ it affects.

Chicken Consumption & the Feminization of Male Genitalia
Eating chicken during pregnancy may affect the size and development of one’s son’s penis due to #phthalate contamination of the meat.

"Those that reported on the Study for Future Families data implied that having a small penis size made boys “less masculine” (see
video), but the link between masculine behavior and the types of phthalates found in chicken wasn’t established until last year. Researchers found that boys who were exposed did indeed exhibit less male-typical play (such as preferring trucks over dolls). In the video I also show the studies associated the contaminants found in chicken to increased odds of cesarean section, diminished child intelligence, male breast growth, and  attention-deficit and hyperactivity disorder symptoms." 

And you actually fell for the bullshit that all the bros throw around that "steak makes you MORE MANLY!" In all sincerity, folks, what could it possibly be about an estrogen, toxin accumulated food that could ever make you MORE MANLY??

My Own Experience With #Detoxification

Quick True personal story. I hope this isn't TMI, but its very important information that can really change alot of peoples' lives for the better.

When I started detoxifying my body with raw foods and herbs, it was a complete and unexpected miracle. As I rid my intake of animal hormones and endocrine disrupting toxins in animal foods, and relieved the adrenal "fight or flight response" load on my sympathetic nervous system and strengthened my balance on parasympathetic "rest and digest, repair and recovery" nervous system response, correspondingly, my penis also miraculously grew much larger, fuller, thicker, healthier size, due to a number of amazing physiological factors, one being the INCREASED arterial BLOODFLOW, and higher testosterone levels. What a blessing.

Pituitary gland is regulated by the Hypothalamus, the master gland, and the pituitary controls the GROWTH and SIZE of your body parts, such as height, breast size and penis size, and by regulating the endocrine system with the proper use of herbal fromulas and spagyrics, you can EASILY regulate the size of these organs! NO NEED FOR EXPENSIVE MEDICAL PROCEDURES!

All glandular weaknesses are, of course, passed down genetically as each generation of humans continues to decline and degenerate further and further as parents with genetic weaknesses continue to conceive while genetically weakened from chronic dis-ease and cellular degeneration until eventually, generations start becoming defective, infertile, impotent, fat, sick, lazy, entitled and immoral etc.

DEGENERATE: "fall from ancestral quality"  Figurative sense of "to fall off, decline."    

degeneratus, past participle of degenerare "to be inferior to one's ancestors, to become unlike one's race or kind, fall from ancestral quality," used of physical as well as moral qualities, from phrase de genere, from de + genus (genitive generis) "birth, descent" (from PIE root *gene- "give birth, beget").   

Now, I dont want to give anyone the wrong impression, but I'm sure you've probably heard the term "degenerate" being used to sometimes degrade homosexuals.

The only reason I bring this up is in context of a POSSIBLE correlation between endocrine disruption and degeneration of the glandular system which produces our sex hormones and any imbalance and glandular weakness can most definitely have a strong affect on sexual function and expression (ESPECIALLY FROM OUR PARENTS STATE OF HEALTH DURING CONCEPTION AND GESTATION IN THE WOMB) as shown at the beginning of the article with mercury toxicity creating homosexual Ibis birds as an example.

Please dont think i'm attempting to label homosexuals or trans people as "degenerates", or in any way inherently wrong, immoral or any other sense that the word implies. They are not wrong or immoral for being gay. But like all of us, may have certain genetic and glandular dispositions that come into play. It would very easy for one to conflate examples such as Ellen DEGENERES whose surname De + Generare literally means "OF/FROM  INFERIOR GENE, STOCK," with
DEGENERATE, and just so happens to be.... gay. This example of onomancy doesnt reflect well.  

This unique pattern that I've stumbled upon between name, and personality expression is a very powerful art and science of correspondence that I'm going to cover fully and exclusively in future presentations and even offer personalized readings to show how names and numerology literally affects who you are, and who you become and certain traits or charcater expressions in life.


I just want everyone to make sure that their genes and endocrine systems are fully functional, balanced, and healthy, regardless of sexuality.

Conception of a child is SUPPOSED to be a CONSCIOUS ACT and both parties have an OBLIGATION to themselves and the population to ENSURE that they have, and are, fully practicing and applying the science of detoxification of their bodies to ensure a fully functional and operative endocrine system so that all glands and organs are at full strength and capacity in order to pass down GOOD STRONG GENES (EUgenics) rather than continuing the degeneration of humanity (DISgenics).

This is no problem to fix, though, because healing occurs epi-genetically, which means "beyond or above the genes", meaning that genes which control the health and function of the cells are triggered by either positive or negative (acidic or alkaline) response to environmental stimuli, via our overall LIFESTYLE, and the changes can take effect almost IMMEDIATELY after making a change!

As soon as the cells are no longer bathed in their own metabolic waste with an acidic load for too long, and with proper
detoxification, they will finally begin to either heal and regenerate, or die so they can be replaced by healthy cells proliferating, the same way that this applies to the macro scale in the human population, after all, we are only cells composing the body of the larger organism! This is BEAUTIFULL NEWS!! IT MEANS THAT WE ARE NOT VICTIMS OF OUR CULTURE OR OUR GENETICS! WE CONTROL OUR LIFESTYLE CHOICES AND WE CAN CHOOSE TO DO EVERYTHING WE CAN TO CHANGE OUR LIFESTYLE! Check out Dr Robert Morse N.D.'s incredible "Detox Miracle Sourcebook: Raw Foods For Complete Cellular Regeneration" that employs HIGH ANTIOXIDANT and HIGH FIBER intake for cleansing, eliminating and rebuilding the body at a cellular level.

Wish my parents had known all the things I now know, in fact, ALL PARENTS SHOULD BE REQUIRED TO KNOW! :)
Lifestyle Medicine: Treating the Causes of Disease

If doctors can eliminate some of our leading killers by treating the underlying causes of chronic disease better than nearly any other medical intervention, why don’t more doctors do it?

From Table to Able: Combating Disabling Diseases with Food
Dr. Greger has scoured the world’s scholarly literature on clinical nutrition and developed this new presentation based on the latest in cutting-edge research exploring the role diet may play in preventing, arresting, and even reversing some of our leading causes of death and disability.

 You dont have to "accept" things about yourself and your body such as weight/ body fat and literally just about every physiological factor to some degree or other purely dietary and lifestyle related factors that YOU can actually TAKE CONTROL OF and CHANGE, not with SURGERY, PRODUCTS, PILLS, OR FAKE COSMETICS, BUT WITH A PROPER LIFESTYLE THAT THE HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY IS ADAPTED AND DESIGNED TO HANDLE AND THRIVE ON! see my full article "

Cholesterol & Female Sexual Dysfunction 

The buildup of cholesterol in pelvic arteries can lead to sexual problems among both men and women via a similar pathway (erectile dysfunction).

BPA Plastic & Male Sexual Dysfunction 

Canned foods and sliced turkey were found to be contaminated with the plastics chemical BPA, which has been linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and erectile dysfunction.

Male Fertility & Dietary Pollutants 

"Infertility affects 10–15 percent of couples attempting to conceive, and in about half the cases the problem is in the man. A recent Harvard study found that increasing saturated fat intake just 5 percent was associated with a 38 percent lower sperm count, but why? It may be because of endocrine-disrupting industrial pollutants that build up in animal fat, particularly fish, as I describe in my video Xenoestrogens & Sperm Counts, but male fertility is not just about the number of sperm, but also how well they work.

A recent study, featured in my 5-min video Male Fertility and Diet, found that successful pregnancy and fertilized egg implantation outcomes are decreased in patients reporting a more frequent intake of meat. The researchers blame industrial pollutants and steroids present in animal products. They conclude that couples having trouble conceiving must be advised about the dramatic effects diet may play on treatment success for both men and women, consistent with previous findings that “frequent intake of fat-laden foods like meat products or milk may negatively affect semen quality in humans, whereas some fruits or vegetables may maintain or improve semen quality.” Vegetable consumption was also found protective in this new study, which may be because of the antioxidant and nutrient content." - Dr Michael Greger

Dietary Sources of Alkylphenol Endocrine Disruptors
Foods of animal origin (especially fish) appear to be the most important source of human exposure to industrial pollutants such as alkylphenol xenoestrogens.

How to Avoid the Obesity-Related Plastic Chemical BPA 

90% of our exposure to the hormone-disrupting chemical bisphenol A comes from certain components of our diet.

The Role of Diet in Declining Sperm Counts
The ongoing global drop in male fertility may be associated with saturated fat intake and lack of sufficient fruits and vegetables.

 Soy Hormones & Male Infertility

The phytoestrogens in soy appear to protect against cancer, but might they reduce male fertility?
Fact, or fiction? Fiction, and it’s interesting why. Soy appears to stimulate the prostate gland to produce a larger load of ejaculate fluid, but the actual number of sperm remains the same.

Xenoestrogens & Sperm Counts

Endocrine-disrupting xenoestrogens in fish may be interfering with male fertility.

Xenoestrogens & Early Puberty
Meat accelerates child sexual development.
Until the 20th century, the average age of puberty for girls was 16 or 17 years old. The age of puberty is being lowered so the organized child traffickers behind government and corporate syndicates can have and pimp those holes out even younger. This also shortens overall lifespan.

Why Are Children Starting Puberty Earlier?
Early onset of puberty is considered a risk factor for a number of diseases in adulthood, including hormone-related cancers, a shorter lifespan, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular disease.

Prostate Cancer & Organic Milk vs. Almond Milk
Does the hormonal stimulation of human prostate cancer cells by cow milk in a petri dish translate out clinically in studies of human populations?

Why Do Vegan Women Have 5x Fewer Twins?

The hormones naturally found in foods of animal origin may help explain why women who eat conventional diets are five times more likely to give birth to twins than those eating plant-based diets.

The Effect of Animal Protein on Stress Hormones, Testosterone, and Pregnancy
What happened to women who were randomized to eat more meat and dairy during pregnancy, and what effect does animal protein consumption have on cortisol and testosterone levels in men?

Maternal Diet May Affect Stress Responses in Children 

Single meals can affect testosterone and cortisol (stress hormone) levels. Some foods eaten regularly during pregnancy may even reprogram children’s responses to stress later in life. (chronic anxiety)

Animal Protein, Pregnancy, & Childhood Obesity 

What pregnant women eat may even affect the health of their grandchildren.

How Long to Detox from Fish before Pregnancy? 

How many months does it take to clear 99% of the mercury and other industrial toxins from one’s body, and what role might our fat stores play in holding on to fat-soluble pollutants?

The Effect of Canned Tuna on Future Wages
If youre worried about MERCURY contamination in vaccines, you should know that just ONE CAN OF TUNA contains the equivalent of 100 VACCINES worth of mercury!!
The mercury contamination in tuna and other fish may adversely impact future earnings by impairing brain function, and leading to a loss of intelligence (IQ).

Lead Contamination in Bone Broth
Popular with paleo diet advocates, organic chicken broth is tested for the presence of the toxic heavy metal lead.

There are toxicological issues associated with production and processing of meat, issues like the presence of various toxic contaminants, from dioxins and PCBs to the cooked meat carcinogens. Carcinogenesis, the development of cancer, may be the main concern, but there are a number of other toxic responses connected with the consumption of meat products. Lead, for example, can be toxic to the nerves, gastrointestinal tract, bone marrow, and kidneys.

Where is lead found in the food supply? In general terms, the highest levels of lead, as well as arsenic and mercury, are found in fish.
And once it gets in the body, it tends to stay in the body. It builds up in the bones, such that it may take 30 years just to get rid of half; so, the best strategy would be to not get exposed in the first place.

If it builds up in bones, though, what about boiling bones for broth? We know bones sequester lead, and such lead can then leach from the bones; so, they figured that bone broth made from the bones of farmyard animals might carry a risk of being contaminated with lead. Who eats bone broth? Bone broth consumption is encouraged by many advocates of the paleo diet. But what if you only use bones from organic, free-range chickens? The researchers in the literature cited above did only use bones from organic, free-range chickens.

Meat Hormones & Female Infertility

What is behind the purported link between poultry consumption and anovulatory infertility?

Zeranol Use in Meat & Breast Cancer
Anabolic growth-promoting drugs in meat production are by far the most potent hormones found in the food supply.

How Did Doctors Not Know About the Risks of Hormone Therapy? 

Women were placed in the way of harm by their physicians, who acted as unsuspecting patsies for the drug companies.

Plant-Based Bioidentical Hormones

Do compounded bioidentical hormones for menopause carry the same risks as conventional hormone replacement drugs, such as Premarin?

Are Bioidentical Hormones Safe?
Hormone replacement therapy for menopause grew to prominence in the 1990s, when millions of women were sold hormones made from horse urine. Premarin (from the words “pregnant mare urine”) was promised to prevent age-related diseases. When the truth got out, in 2002, that the opposite was true—it actually
increased risk of heart disease, stroke, pulmonary embolism, and invasive breast cancer—the number of prescriptions dropped, and so did the rates of breast cancer.

What are the Effects of the Hops Phytoestrogen in Beer?
When it comes to breast cancer risk, does the phytoestrogen in beer act more like the animal estrogens in Premarin, or the protective phytoestrogens in soy?

What is the Healthiest Diet?
What is the toxic baggage that comes along with the nutrients in your food?

 The agenda for over a century has been marketing industrial products, but more importantly animal foods such as meat, dairy and eggs in order to "Blur the lines" between male and female, as alluded to in Robin Thicke's pop music video. 

LOL! Maybe now you know why Zorro is the GAY BLADE! :P

Second photo:

What is this quote supposed to even MEAN? “The best thing about being a girl is now I dont have to pretend to be a boy!” Yay! PHEW! WHAT A RELIEF!   

The best thing....about being a girl......    is.... wait.... WHAT????! 🤔🤔🤨🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙆‍♂️💁‍♂️ 

Seriously, am I just too stupid to understand what language is being conveyed here? This is a blatant use of Orwellian obfuscation of language to control perception of normality, by the use of "hypernormalization" by injecting "false images or norm" into the social sphere of consciousness.  

What a cute little penis shes gesturing to there.. 🤦‍♂️🙈 Notice closely where her eyes are focused. She/he/ze/zair/zahi/etc... IT is only doing what IT's handlers are DIRECTING it to do, only behaving how it is directed to behave. 

Again I've always advocated for free choice and Natural Law of free choice, and thus have always supported peoples right to be whoever they are, BUT SERIOUSLY, this hellyweird Tavistock/ laurel canyon social engineering shit is getting WAY TOO freakish and outlandish to accept without speaking up.🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️💆‍♂️



I think the whole agenda is a bit #OVERHYPED as stated in Robin Thicke's BLURRED LINES music video. 

Are you aware of just how many studies have been published, determining this acceptance and even CONSTANT ENCOURAGEMENT and of sexual irrationality as BLATANT CHILD ABUSE.... and being pushed in the school systems, no less!

Actually biological sex is what determines gender roles. Not stereotypes or preconcieved notions of Orwellian Newspeak. 

      Transgender Child Abuse

The following is a compilation of research provided by TransgenderChildAbuse.com 

"The use of puberty blockers is needless and frivolous. It is even more outrageous when you consider the wealth of research that shows that most of these children will outgrow this condition. Consider the following studies:

*Dr. Paul McHugh cited studies from Vanderbilt University and London’s Portman Clinic which showed that 70-80% of children with transgender feelings lost those feelings at some point in time and became comfortable with their birth gender. http://www.wsj.com/articles/paul-mchugh-transgender-surgery-isnt-the-solution-1402615120.

*Dr. Kenneth J. Zucker of the Clarke Institute in Toronto, Canada, treated about 500 pre-adolescent children with gender dysphoria over a period of 30 years. From his experience, about 80% of the children outgrew their gender dysphoria and accepted their original gender. http://www.tsroadmap.com/info/kenneth-zucker.html.

*A 2008 report in The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry says, “Most children with gender dysphoria will not remain gender dysphoric after puberty.”http://www.jaacap.com/article/S0890-8567(08)60142-2/abstract.

*Dr. Edgardo Menvielle treated transgender kids at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC for about 10 years. He says that about 80% of the kids reclaim their birth gender, while the other 20% remained transgender into adulthood. https://www.washingtonpost.com/drug-treatments-for-transgender-kids-pose-difficult-choices-for-parents-doctors/2012/05/19/gIQAxgakbU_story.html.

*A 2015 report by Trombetta, Liguori, and Bertolotto says that in the majority of children, GID remits by adolescence, if not earlier. Follow-up studies of boys who have GID indicate that a desistance of GID with a co-occurring homosexual orientation is the most common outcome.

Trombetta, Liguori, and Bertolotto, Management of Gender Dysphoria, Springer, 2015.

*Gender Trender cites studies showing that only 2% of sex-role non-conforming children will end up seeking surgical sex change, and only about 15% will report some form of continued distress with sex roles post puberty. That means that 85% will end up being comfortable with their birth gender.

*Even The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) confirms this. WPATH is a pro-trans organization. In their own Standards of Care, they acknowledge that “only 6 to 23 per cent of boys and 12 to 27 per cent of girls treated in gender clinics showed persistence of their gender dysphoria into adulthood.” So 77-94% of the boys outgrew it and 73-88% of girls outgrew it. This organization is an ally of trans people, so it would be difficult to discredit their results. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/265792166_Ethical_Issues_Raised_by_     the_Treatment_of_Gender-Variant_Prepubescent_Children.

     Here we have several credible studies, done by different researchers at different places and times, yet, they all got comparable results. So there is no doubt that the results are accurate.  These studies tell us what we should have already known: Most children who have gender dysphoria spontaneously lose those feelings. More than 50% of them outgrow it by adolescence, 80% outgrow it by adulthood, and 99% outgrow it by late adulthood. This is not a shocking result. It should be expected. These are elementary school kids. They will naturally grow up and change. We all have."

These are not natural examples of being the proverbial "black sheep" or FREE THINKER and NON CONFORMIST that they want you to think you are, its the typical regular sheep, the one that goes along with the agenda, being EXACTLY WHO THE ABUSERS AND CONTROLLERS WANT YOU TO BE!

They farm human babies from birth, to make you feel outcast and alienated on purpose as part of selling and promoting a greater social engineering initiative. Thats what ritual child abuse DOES to the mind during the formative years, and thats the whole end goal and purpose of hundreds of years of perfected ritual psychological warfare programs. It splits and fragments the character into thinking they're a manifestation of some gender neutral pronoun such as ze, zim, zair, zwahili, zirconi, zahi hawass, shakazulu, and whatever other made up gender one can conceive on the spot, off the top of their head, for which you will be fined $250,000 and go straight to jail and do not pass go, if you disagree and refuse to comply. 🐑🐑 

Notice why they're showing you the SHEEP, the LAMB, along with the trance-gender agender in Robin Thicke's BLURRED LINES music video. 

The following are some important insights by Alex P Seritella from TRANSGENDA: Abuse and Regret in the Sex Change Industry"  

"Can a 9-year old child really make the decision to become sterile for life?  Sex-change treatment damages the body, stunts growth, and causes permanent sterility. Yet, children are being allowed to make the decision to undergo such drastic treatment. Inevitably, they will change their minds and regret it. Who will take responsibility? "

If a man goes to a psychiatrist and says, “Doc, I think I’m a chicken”, what will the psychiatrist do? Will he stick feathers in the man so he can look like a real chicken? Or will he try to convince the man that he is not really a chicken? Hopefully, he would pick the second choice. Does the first one make any sense at all? Of course not. It’s completely absurd. But it parallels the absurdity of a sex-change operation. If a man thinks he is a woman, he is clearly in a delusional state. Why would the psychiatrist feed the delusion instead of curing it? If he really wants to do what’s best for the man, he would try to help him deal with reality and accept himself for who he is. Transgenders are in a delusional state and are in need of counseling or therapy. To simply affirm their delusion is not helping them at all.

The condition that we are dealing with here is called gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria is the magic bullet theory of transgenderism. It is a desperate attempt to make sense out of something that makes no sense at all. Like the magic bullet theory, it cannot withstand scrutiny. It seems almost semi-reasonable on the surface, but falls apart upon closer inspection. Supposedly, this is a medical condition that is “cured” by a sex-change operation. Let’s take a closer look at how gender dysphoria is defined:

     Gender Dysphoria: unhappiness with one's biological sex or its usual gender role, with the desire for the body and role of the opposite sex.

     A persistent unease with having the physical characteristics of one's gender, accompanied by strong identification with the opposite gender and a desire to live as or to become a member of the opposite gender.

Dissatisfaction or discomfort with one's phenotypic gender.[1]

     Notice the use of words like “unhappiness,” “unease,” “identification,” “dissatisfaction,” and “discomfort.” These are all words that indicate a psychological condition. There is no medical or physical confirmation of any of these symptoms. The diagnosis of gender dysphoria is based completely on how the patient feels. He is “unhappy” with his biological sex, or he is “dissatisfied” with his gender. But what medical tests are there to confirm this? Do blood tests show gender dysphoria? Does the CAT-Scan or MRI show gender dysphoria? Do the X-rays show that the patient is in the wrong body? No. Medically speaking, gender dysphoria is a phantom disease. There is no medical diagnosis for it. Because it is all based on the patient’s subjective experience, the only diagnosis is the patient’s own self-diagnosis. He feels like he’s in the wrong body, so he is. There is no test to show if that feeling is right or not. That feeling could be caused by things like trauma, stress, drugs, pressure, etc. In other words, that feeling could be wrong. Yet, that feeling is all that defines this condition.
[1] http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/gender+dysphoria.

THE TRUTH is that the agenda is pushing ANIMAL FOODS to usher in this TRANS-formation, why else do you think its THE GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES THAT MAKE ANIMAL FOODS SO CHEAP AND READILY AVAILABLE IN SCHOOLS, INSTITUTIONS AND PUBLIC CAFETERIAS AND ORGANIC PRODUCE SO SPARSE AND EXPENSIVE?! You really think they're TRYING TO PUSH VEGANISM, when the government and industry has fought tooth and nail to PREVENT the knowledge of the whole plant food vegan lifestyle, which is the ONLY lifestyle CLINICALLY PROVEN to not only prevent, but

All of the science literature on a proper vegan impact is PROVEN to be far healthier for every aspect of life, from the ecological, to the ethical, to the health and nutritional. See my post "
The TRUTH About the "Vegan Agenda" here >>https://www.patreon.com/posts/8849674

I absolutely LAUGH OUT LOUD every time I see or hear people spewing fear about so called "terror" organizations like ISIS  etc etc, which are literally the equivalent harm of plucking a hair on the collective head of humanity compared to the WORLDS LEADING CAUSES OF DEATH WHICH ARE ALL CAUSED BY ANIMAL FOODS.

Study and then apply proper #veganism, a whole plant food diet to eliminate 90% of your exposure to toxins and pathogens, but not just to LIMIT intake of them, but to actively DETOXIFY them from your system and maintain your biological birth gender (kidding, thats a joke!  but its true)  ;) Look forward my full video presentations coming soon!

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