My work is about to be censored out of print.(UPDATED)
UPDATE: Thanks to what Amazon tells me were a lot more emails than I've had sales, I'm reinstated, except one book, MARTHA, that is forever banned(but you can read free on my site; see below). Thank you. 


As many of you know, I face a number of difficulties with my work and getting it to market, and the main one is censorship. In 2017.  And now it may break me.

Createspace, the POD merchant I publish LULU, THIS SICKNESS, SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF and MARTHA for you to buy on Amazon, has informed me that, despite my working quite hard to tone down my content--which in this day and age I should not have to do, but I did; this is why you see no new VLADRUSHKA--they're about to permanently ban not just MARTHA, which is already gone(but now up for free at my site), but everything I have in print.

So first of all, this might be your last chance to buy them. So please get your copy while you can at the links above, or here.

You can also ask them (politely, please) not to ban me by writing here:  [email protected]

But most of all, this cuts out most of the income from my books. LULU and THIS SICKNESS are still available at Comixology and Google Books. But most of my sales have been print. So I now have almost no income from my books. I can put anything I like up on my website, but this is work that takes years of my life, and doing for it to be read for free makes it slower and disheartening after 20 years.

If you've read and enjoyed my work, I need your pledge now to keep going. And for you to share this post. I love you all for reading my work, and want to keep making it. Please pledge $5 or more today. 

Thank you!