So things have been a little quiet on the update front on Patreon. Let me explain. As for October's $10 tier drawings, they were already uploaded onto tumblr! I forgot to upload them here, my apologies. For this month's $10 tier, send me your requests, no specific themes this time unless you'd like one! (Can you guess next month's theme?) September's raffle winner was Minh, to which I have discussed their request. October's raffle winner was Mr. Lean! Send me a message with what you'd like! So why have I been quiet? Well I was temporarily homeless, found a place to live, got a job as a 3D artist and has it been a month already?! But as for digital drawings, my laptop is currently out of commission, i'm about to throw it into repairs so until then, you guys get to enjoy traditional sketches and drawings that I do during my lunch break! (no fetish stuff I'm afraid)