I wanted to share an example of the type of story that will be included in 'A Story A Day'. This is called "I Don't Want To Go" and is the entry for January 12th. “I don’t want to go to school! I don’t, I don’t, I don’t!” She said, clinging to her quilt like a koala bear clings to a tree. Her sleep had been wondrous and dream filled. She had imagined that she was the Queen of a magical rainbow kingdom, and that for some reason she had a magic wand and could conjure up marshmallow out of thin air. She had also dreamed that instead of a throne she sat upon a gigantic squishy sofa, because let’s face it sofas are far more comfortable than thrones. But now she was back in her normal everyday bed and it was time to get up, to be awake, and to go to school. “I don’t want to go to school! School is deathly boring and dull, and the work is hard!” She continued, with a look of dread in her eyes. “And the days are really, really long!” As she reluctantly dragged herself out of bed she dejectedly trudged to the bathroom. She had a wash and she brushed her teeth, with every brushstroke thinking up another reason not to turn up. Next she put on her clothes and continued her morning routine. She maintained her miserable veneer as she packed her bag, opened her curtains and traipsed downstairs. She grabbed her white ceramic cereal bowl from the kitchen cupboard and slammed it on to the table. She furiously poured herself a mountain of chocolate crispy flakes and drowned them in a comfort blanket of milk, a mirror of her sorrows. The clock on the wall seemed to be ticking faster than usual. The ticks and the tocks merged into one and the hands seemed to race energetically around the circular face. Soon it was ten to eight, very nearly time to leave. She put her warm water-proof coat on, still hesitant about leaving the sanctuary of her nice warm home. “But I don’t want to go!” she said. “The people are noisy, and horrible. They pick their noses and eat their bogies. They make horrid smells, they cause all sorts of trouble, and they’re always asking me for answers!” “But Mum!” The little girl said, “You’re the teacher!”