First of all, a shout out to the guy who broke the ice around here - Rob

While I wasn't properly done arranging this page, he became the very first patron and really encouraged me to look into using this neat website. Big THANKS, Rob! You're awesome! And you're going down in history! <3

While I don't like Patreon's new logo (I hate it and so do many others apparently), I'll focus more on this website and hopefully manage to get some more constant income, as I currently have none (sigh) and be able to focus on doing what I love doing instead of constantly working for others.

This means I'll be setting up new goals, editing my page's info, prepare new (hopefully appealing) rewards (putting a lot of thought into those) and will post a bit more often (but not too often, as I don't like spamming). Anyway, I need some online presence and show that I'm not dead, so I'll poke around when I'll have some new announcement to make, require feedback or have some new game release to tell you about or some new cool game asset to share with you, which you may find useful in your own game project (only crediting required, free to use stuff). Free stuff ftw!

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