Rim of Madness - Arachnophobia
Adds spiders to RimWorld.

Adds Spiders & Giant Spiders

  • Eight-legged critters able to weave webs out of incredibly useful silk.
  • Giant genetically-engineered intelligent nephilids the size of a canine.

Adds Flying Spider Queens

  • A failed genetic experiment gone wrong, flying spider queens are capable of creating giant spider eggs and flying short distances.

Adds Webs.

  • Webs stun smaller animals for spiders to catch.
  • Webs can be harvested for spider silk.

Adds Cocoons

  • Spiders spin dead or downed prey into cocoons.
  • Cocoons will be carried by spiders to other cocoons to help make a spider home.
  • Cocoons can have their insides melted, making delicious juice for spiders.

Adds Spider Silk

  • Webs and cocoons will occasionally drop spider silk that can be used in creating clothing.

To Do

  • Add proper flying to Spider Queens.
  • Add "milkable" spider silk.

 Update - - 8/30/17 

- Spiders of the player faction will no longer have their webs trigger when players walk over them.

Update - - 8/30/17 

- Translation fix.

Update - - 8/12/17

New Translations:

- Français (NorX Aengell)

- Português (KaiserThurston)

Update - - 8/4/17

- The giant spiders incident now displays properly when there is a queen or not among them.

- Spiders avoid placing cocoons in walls.

- Spiders should take greater precautions when placing their webs.

Update -  - 6/29/17

- Domestic spiders now keep their new cocoons inside their restricted areas.

- Domestic spiders should no longer leave the restricted area on their own.

- Giant cocoons renamed to large cocoons.

- Large cocoons are now visually larger than standard cocoons.

Update - -  6/29/17

- Spiders should no longer have the 10 jobs in one tick error.

- Spiders can now consume nutrient paste and kibble.

- Spider and giant spider eggs should no longer appear randomly in cargo pod drops.

- Spiders now become manhunters 100% of the time when damaged.

- Spider eggs will no longer appear in cargo pods.

- Modified market values of giant spider and spider eggs to be lower.

Update - - 6/26/17

-Spiders now seek out the nearest "appropriate" cocoons to consume.

-Russian translation updated and properly credited to kr33man. 

-Players can now click the "crossed into web" warning to zoom to the character who crossed into the web.

-Changed the web leavings to very rarely leave a mess of cobwebs.

-Removed strange "doors" error.

 Update - - 6/24/17  (Steam only update to fix capitalization recognition issues in Steam)

Update - - 6/24/17

-Domestic spiders and queens will consume local cocoons and try to stay within their confines and share meals with other types of spiders.

-Player spider eggs now spawn properly in the player faction when born.

 -Added sprites for giant/non-giant and consumed/non-consumed cocoons. 

-Adjusted mass of cocoons.

Update - - 6/24/17

Two quick updates that add a German translation by Lauri7x3.

Update - - 6/23/17

(General Changes)

-add Russian translation from i'm sorry ;)

(Web Changes)

-rewrote web code to avoid potential conflicts to create perma-stunlock

-added clearer information to the cocoon inspect panel

-webs no longer "build" -- and they now properly overlay over other objects

(Cocoon Changes)

-made cocoons haulable

-cocoons are now in stockpile menus

-reduced cobweb spawning radius slightly

-added clearer information to the cocoon inspect panel

-when escaped from, cocoons now make cobweb filth instead of slime

(Spider Changes)

-spiders will now haul cocoons to / away from player stockpiles depending on their faction

-further reduced the hiss volume

-fixed spider queen diets

-set the proper faction of the spiderlings from the queen's deathworker

Update - - 6/22/17

-Changed spider sprites.

-Added new "Cobweb" filth that accompanies cocoons.

-Added new "Egg Sack" sprite and tweaked spider eggs with proper hatchable settings.

-Visitors will no longer be considered on player webs for tamed spiders.

-Reduced melting hiss volume.

-Lowered venom amount for cocoon escapees to avoid giving dimentia.

Update - - 6/21/17

-Spawn rate reduced by about 5-10% and spawn rate options added to Mod Settings.

-Spider webs are now aware of factions.

-Spiders now choose internally whether or not to hunt or drink victims that are already cocooned.

-Spider comfortable temperature adjustment.

-Spiders are now proper predators with the strict carnivore diet.

-Spider queens will now properly lay eggs.

-Spider egg survival rates should be improved.

-Spiders are now more aggressive.

Update - - 6/20/17 Made silk spawns from webs far less likely to avoid silk spam.

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