11th of May Release + News
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As for everyone else, sorry, episode 119 still isn't done. :(

I hadn't had any time in the last couple of days to even sit behind my laptop, let alone write. ><

I'm losing a lot of time on taking care of Miki and bringing him to the vet every day.  

Speaking of Miki, things are not looking good. He refuses to eat or drink anything. Now I bring him to the vet every morning for them to give him an infusion. I spend hours every day trying to syringe feed him only for him to end up throwing it up.

The vet said that he is in a lot of pain and we need to wait and see whether his spine injury would worsen or stabilize.

Currently he has no strength in his back legs and he drags them behind him as if he can't move them at all. Just recalling the sight of him trying to move or trying to climb onto the bed brings tears into my eyes.

When I bring him to the vet he drops stiffly to his side on the table and plays dead. He lies there his tail curled up and doesn't respond to any needle injections at all.

Every day he goes out of his box for a few steps and just stands there blankly, not knowing what to do with himself, or rather wondering whether he should just go back to sleep or drag himself for a few more steps.

The vet says that there is still hope that it'll get better because he can still move his lower half and his reflexes are fine. But every time I see how he drags his lower half limply around, I just...

I just can't help but fear for the worst.

My husband looks at me with pity, I can tell that he has already prepared himself for putting Miki down. He not so subtly hinted at doing it but I refused.

Even if the health bills empty our savings, I still won't give up on Miki. He is a member of our family. You don't just give up on another living being after several days of hardship, especially if he is your family!

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