12.11.2015 Senmei Animatic
Another animated short that I need to finish before August! Senmei is the mascot for Anime Revolution, an anime convention here in Vancouver, BC. The president did me a big favor last year, thus I want to repay him for his kindness. 

And wow, the Patreon people have now updated our pages to show the proceeds we'll be receiving MINUS the estimated transaction fees. It should show a more accurate representation of what we're receiving from you at the end of the day =). 

And I didn't realize by default, the pledges are in USD, rather than CAD, which I had originally somehow thought it was. Must've still been in KickStarter-mode where it's in my local currency. My sincere apologies for the confusion there. 

The Shadow Magic script is halfway through 3rd edits and should allow me to start storyboarding the pilot episode tomorrow. Patrons will get some sneak peeks at some sequences along the way! 

I'm so excited to hear both Vic's and Yuri's interpretations of the Shadow Magic characters! 

The pilot promises to be a bit of a roller-coaster ride.

How's everyone's December going so far? =D Excited for the holidays? 

I'm picking up my mom and step-father from the airport next Wednesday from their long trip in Asia, so our holidays are often a late-start. Which reminds me... she asked me to get a turkey!! Oops!! Haven't done that yet xD. I did bake gingerbread cookies and pumpkin bars, though!

Take care, everyone, and as always, I'm deeply grateful for your support <3. 

Tiffa Lei @ KAGEpro