In order to succeed in a certain thing in life, one needs to forget about that thing’s most conspicuous aspect. This will allow the mind to focus on other, more important things, and success will follow. For example, in order to succeed in tennis, you need to find the source of your power, which is in the shoulder. And in order to focus on the shoulder while performing a tennis stroke, you need to forget about the racket, which is the most conspicuous thing. By forgetting the racket, the focus is allowed to shift to the real source of power, which will elevate the game to the next level.

And so Philosophy as well, in order to survive, had to forget its most obvious preoccupation, Being, in order to focus and branch out to other, more important things. If it had kept its focus only on Being, ever since the time of Plato, it would have died quickly, devoid of the variety of nourishment. It would have died an obsessive, constipated death.

Thus the secret to success is to forget the most obvious thing.