12 Interview with Karla Martinez & Antonio Rodriquez - English
Listeners note: If you do would like to listen to the original English/ Spanish version (no translation) go here. 

This episode is one of my faves.

In this episode we feature a husband and wife team with a 4 year old son - a.k.a. a family- living in Coatepec, Mexico.

Karla is a lawyer by training, and Antonio, a biologist, but they have both strayed from those careers and chosen to live the adventure lifestyle. Antonio has river raft guided around the world, and he recently spent 6 months apart from his family to take a guiding position on the American River in California.

Antonio and Karla have built an off grid cabin on a plot of land they own just outside of Jalcomulco, Mexico, where they grow their own food, raise bees, regularly go hiking, climbing, run rivers, go canyoneering, and show out of towners, they have an adventure guide business, their favorite local areas off the beaten track. All this to say, they're legit dirtbags, just like us.

In this episode of AdventShorts, Karla and Antonio share a perspective that we don't usually get to hear in the USA which is what it's like to be a dirtbag or adventure lifestyler in Mexico, how that impacts a family, and crushes stereotypes.

This episode is one of my favorites because I feel like I'm sharing a very intimate picture of what it means to be a Mexican dirtbag. It's raw and very real. And not much different from how I view myself, and how I view you. And, I think, that’s the kind of messaging we need in the world right now. 

Take 20 minutes and listen to this now. Then tell me what you think and what parts of this interview surprised you.

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