$12 Milestone Reward - Stickers
Who doesn’t like a sticker? I know for certain that if you give a child a sticker sheet they’ll have a huge smile on their face and as adults you need to grab that excitement back. Stick them on your diary, notebook, bag, folder, phone case, cards, envelope, calendar, ‘to do’ list, lunchbox, and on your bosses back as he walks away from telling you to get on with that report. Stick them wherever makes you happy!

If you are a classic Doctor Who fan you are in luck with this first sheet of stickers. Back in 2016 when I worked with Moonboom Limited on the official BBC Doctor Who Sticker Packs for iMessage on iPhone and iPad we pitched the idea of a ‘classic’ Doctor Who pack featuring the first eight versions of the Doctor. Sadly that idea didn’t come to light but now handily you can pick your favourite classic Doc (and a few others) and stick them on your iPhone or iPad… well maybe not on those but you could decorate the case protecting them.

When your total contributions to my Patreon reach $12 I will post out your sticker sheet, make sure your address is up to date! After that point every new sticker sheet I create will also be sent to you as thank you for your continued support. I look forward to seeing where you stick your stickers.